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ProdPad is end-to-end product management software that supports the complete product journey.
Product management software and visual product roadmap builder.

ProdPad is built for product teams to:

-Build quick & flexible product roadmaps
-Identify business priorities from the product backlog
-Manage product specs and requirements
-Collect and prioritize customer feedback
-Manage multiple products and product portfolios

Integrations: 1-click push to development - native integrations with JIRA, Trello, PivotalTracker, VSO, GitHub
Zapier integration - Connect to 200+ apps

Ideal for product teams and SMEs and enterprise-level businesses: -Simple and easy to use
-Unlimited team invites
-Free Slack SSO
-Powerful API

Startup and consultant pricing available.
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A User of ProdPad
October 13, 2019
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Mark Hilmer
September 9, 2018
Very useful app, at a nice price point too
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A user of ProdPad
April 8, 2020
Sir are you a let me introduce Myself my name is Jessie but people call mr Jess
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Janna Bastow
September 13, 2017
I may be biased as I'm the founder, but I've got to share the word about how useful you're going to find this tool once you start. ProdPad is a tool for product managers and their teams. It helps them gather ideas and customer feedback, prioritize them and turn them into specs that can be sent to development, and create a roadmap. It's a massive time saver, and is hooked into all the tools that teams commonly use, including Slack, Google Apps, JIRA, Trello, Dropbox and more. And at the end of the day, it'll help you build the right things and create products that your customers will love. ProdPad is used by 10,000s of product managers around the world, building all sorts of products, whether digital, hardware, or service-oriented. Give it a try and let us know what you think!
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