Create and modify a project planning schedule with WBS work breakdown and Gantt time chart in one sheet.
Listing updated:April 16, 2024
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ProjectSheet summarizes several aspects of project management in a spreadsheet, both textual and visual. The aspects which you need to manage depend on the type of project and on what you like to control, like end date, budget. You can add your own aspects as well.

In the free version of the add-on you create tasks with start and finish dates and keep track of the progress. The optional Pro version adds calculations for task duration, work hours, resources, costs and chaining of tasks. You can try the Pro version with a 10-days free trial. 

The start of project planning is to decompose the project scope in a multi-level Work Breakdown Structure of tasks by indenting tasks, resulting in tasks and summary tasks. The summary tasks combine the information of its subtasks. Summary tasks can be collapsed/expanded for overview.

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Tasks can be executed in a sequential order by chaining them as a waterfall. The start and finish dates are (re)calculated taking task duration, weekends and holidays into account.

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The Gantt chart shows the start and finish dates of a task as a bar against a time scale. The timescale can be changed in order to show the entire project or parts in more detail. Milestone tasks can be added to divide the project scope in phases with decision points in between.

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Resources are shared between all tasks by assigning them as needed. The costs per (summary) task and work type resource are calculated based on the hourly rate of the resource and the work hours per task. The work hours can be linked to the duration of the task.

When executing the project you track it by stating the progress percentage per task. The Gantt bar shows the progress visually. Options for progress indication give color alerts in text or Gantt chart for progress and delay.

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See the YouTube video for the free WBS breakdown, Gantt chart and progress features and the ProjectSheet channel for Linking tasks and Assigning resources.
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