Prospect CRM is the #1 CRM for growing Wholesale, Distributor & Manufacturing businesses.
Listing updated:August 17, 2023
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In just a few clicks, the Prospect Save to CRM Add-in allows you to quickly save emails into Prospect against the relevant CRM record.  

Why Stock-Aware CRM? 

There are thousands of CRMs out there – but ours is built for specific types of businesses facing unique challenges.  

Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers know that selling physical products B2B involves unique operational challenges, meaning ordinary CRM's fall short. Stock-Aware CRM is different. 

Prospect is a new type of Stock-Aware CRM that's specifically designed for growing Wholesale, Distributor and Manufacturing businesses that sell physical products, B2B.  

Prospect CRM integrates product, inventory and customer sales data, to streamline your B2B sales processes. Your team will increase sales, improve customer retention and maximise profits. 

Visit to take a Free Trial or book a demo with one of our experts. 

Key Stock-Aware CRM Benefits 

Grow your Customer Base 

Prospect CRM will accelerate your sales success, helping you close new B2B customers faster and more efficiently. Just a small increase in new-business close-rate can have a profound impact on business growth over time. 

Maximise Customer Retention 

New business is important, but retaining customers is vital for growing a profitable Wholesale, Distribution or Manufacturing business. P.A.I.G.E. (the Prospect AI Growth Engine) can even predict when a regular customer has missed an order and alert your Sales or Account Management team to contact the customer before they churn for good. 

Increase Order Value & Frequency 

By connecting to your Accounting/Inventory Management System to Prospect, Sales and customer-facing teams get key insights to effortlessly increase average order value and frequency for each customer. Prospect CRM brings your wholesale products to life with upsell, cross-sell & must-sell capabilities. 

Create Happier Customers 

Whether it’s just checking in with customers and recording activities, or logging and dealing with important customer issues – a CRM is all about staying on top of the things that matter to your customers and building stronger, more profitable relationships. 

Work Better as a Team 

Centralised customer data in your CRM, automatically updated with new accounts, new orders and new invoices from your Accounting/Inventory Management System, means your whole team has a clearer picture of what’s happening with each customer and who’s doing what. 

Improve your Business Reporting 

Don’t just report on isolated data from your Accounting/Inventory Management System, or from your CRM. Instead, bring all your data together in one, integrated reporting tool that combines up-to-date customer, sales & product data from your back-office system with your CRM data and activities.
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