Automatically send a QR Code loyalty card to any customer that registers with your form. Add and spend vouchers by scanning the loyalty card.
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This add-on generates a QR code loyalty card for each new customer (or club membership card for subscribers), and helps you keep track of voucher amounts given and spent, by scanning QR codes.

=== What matters in voucher tracking? ===

You need accurate records of the voucher balance for each customer:

→ Record the gift and spending of vouchers
→ Prevent double-spending of vouchers
→ See anytime where you stand, especially the total value of unspent vouchers

=== What is everyone else doing? ===

Manually updating voucher data in Google Sheets™ is tedious

→ No easy way to identify and lookup customers
→ You'll update balances in place (and lose history), or your spreadsheet becomes complicated
→ Your customers may thing you're an amateur

=== What do I actually need? ===

→ You need a quick and reliable way of giving vouchers and recording their spending
→ You need a fast way to find records for a given custom, and update them, so you can focus on selling

=== What is this add-on? ===

This addon generates a unique loyalty card for each customer that registers through your form, with a secure (because unguessable) QR code, as a PDF.

It gives you access to a mobile (smartphone) scanner that can be used to record voucher gifts and spending.

=== What makes this add-on special? ===

It includes a QR code generator that provides unique, secure loyalty cards for your customers.

To give a voucher:

→ Scan the loyalty card of the customer
→ Enter the amount to add

To spend vouchers:

→ Scan the loyalty card of the customer
→ Enter the amount to spend. It is rejected if the current balance is too low.

At any time, you have access to several reports (new customers, recent vouchers, recent spendings, dashboard, etc.) that you can export to Excel or Google Sheets.

In advanced mode, add your whole staff (and get reports by staff), customize the loyalty card, add custom fields and define validation rules, give restricted data access to third parties, add alerts, etc.

=== Who can use this and when? ===

Some example use cases:

→ You have a grocery shop and run promotions (vouchers, vouchers, etc.) from time to time.
→ You are running a crowdfunding campaign and want to give vouchers to backers.
→ You run a club and want to track equipment use credits and redemptions.
→ You are a teacher and need to record bonus points for special activities, giving right to some freebees.
→ You are a factory floor manager and need to track the number of uses between maintenance checks.
→ The sky's the limit, contact us with your unique use case!

=== Why should I believe you? ===

This extension is based on the Trak platform, which powers demanding data collection efforts for national post offices (parcel tracking) and major banks (asset tracking).

=== How much does it cost? ===

→ You can generated as many QR loyalty cards as form responses, for free.
→ Your credits balance is displayed inside the add-on, with payment options.
→ Check this page for more information:

=== But, but, but... ===

No, you don't need to install any app on your smartphone (though you can, for easier access).

Yes, we do support custom designs for the QR code loyalty card (logos, etc.), please get in touch.

Yes, you can reach out for advice, and we'll provide a free 10mn support (contact inside the add-on).

=== What now? ===

Install the add-on, then open your form and click the "Extensions" button (the leftmost icon with a jigsaw puzzle picture) to start using it.

→ Complete documentation:

→ Do you need to track attendance? Try one of our other Google Forms™ add-ons (it is also a coupon tracker: generate secure QR code coupons by filling a form, and make sure they are used once):

→ Advanced smartphone based QR code / barcode tracking platform:

→ Company website:

Google Sheets™ and Google Forms™ are trademarks of Google LLC.
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