A Google Doc Add-on that calls a function in a Google Sheet and writes the result into the document.
Listing updated:February 2, 2022
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This is an open-source add-on. 

This is a tool aimed at soloist tabletop roleplaying games. 

If you use a Google Doc to record your adventure journal, this add-on will allow you to roll on random tables defined in a Google Sheet and automatically write the output to the document. The Google Sheet must follow certain formatting rules, described in the GitHub link below. Examples of Google Sheets that follow these rules are provided in the examples folder link below.


After the add-on is installed, “Random Tables” appears under the Add-ons menu. A “Show sidebar” option appears under the Random Tables Add-on menu. In the sidebar, use the load control to load a Google Sheet from a url. The Google Sheet must follow the format below. The sidebar will be populated with buttons that call functions (random tables) in the Google Sheet, and write the result into the document.

Upon successful load, the url in the sidebar textbox is saved as a document property. Currently, this is the only sidebar value saved. When the sidebar is reopened, the textbox is repopulated and the url is reloaded automatically. Loading an empty textbox will delete the saved url value from the document property.

Google Sheet Format:

Please visit the page below for the details regarding the expected Google Sheet format.

Google Sheet Examples:

Please visit the public folder below for example Google Sheets to load into this add-on.

If you have feedback or want to review the source code, please visit the project page at:
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