Keyword rank checking and position tracking automated for your website domain using Google Sheets.
Listing updated:March 14, 2024
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RankTank automates the task of checking where your domain name is ranking within SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Perfect for digital marketing, SEM and SEO specialists, online marketers and small business owners.

** Important ** Try using Firefox Multi-Account Containers should you receive any errors when logged into multiple Google accounts:


- Accurate and real-time keyword rank results.
- Track 1000 keywords per tab.
- Desktop and mobile user agent rankings.
- Support for GEO location via UULE parameter.
- Optional Ad and 3-Pack rankings.
- Quick responses, results in seconds with intelligent retries.
- Support for over 200 countries and 150 languages globally.
- Leader in domain rank checking since 2008.

What makes RankTank unique is that, unlike other keyword position checking tools, RankTank analyses live keyword ranking.

Results are returned to you within any of your existing sheets and allow you to see where your chosen domain ranks for each keyword in the SERPs based on the location, language, locale and the device used in your search. 

Is it free?

We currently offer 1000 free scans per user to try RankTank for 30 days. This is a best effort solution and may change based on usage patterns and other search related factors.


To upgrade use the Subscription menu in the sidebar of the add-on by clicking on your profile picture in the sidebar. If the page fails to load please retry the operation.

Keyword Volatility:

We monitor SERP keyword rank volatility and make the data public at:

Get in touch

To automate the rank monitoring of larger volumes of keywords, contact RankTank directly for an enterprise solution. You can also check SEO Bot ( to obtain data via a simple API.

---> Important

- Only include your TLD ( in the tool, remove "http(s)://"

---> Changelog

Latest Updates (11/03/2024):

- Broaden support for product and other Ad positions in your ranking results.

Latest Updates (13/07/2023):

- We have done some magic to support 1k+ keywords per tab. Timeouts and failed requests should no longer occur for large keyword sets.

Previous Updates (19/01/2023):

- New website launching 2023.

Previous Updates (09/02/2021):

- Add GEO location support via the UULE parameter.
- Take into account Question ranking when enabled.

Previous Updates (08/12/2020):

- Added support for Ad, Featured, Product, Location, Question and 3-Pack rankings.

Previous Updates (15/04/2020):

- Support for desktop and mobile user agents.
- Buy more credits warning link when 50% of limit reached.

Previous Updates (24/02/2020):

- Support for authentication while logged into multiple accounts.
- Fix initial help tutorial which failed to load on all devices.
- Allow selective scanning of only newly added keywords.
- Point out scan button to first time users.

---> Coming soon...

Feature Requests:

- (Done) Ability to categorize featured, places and product listings.
- (Done) Discover and track PPC rankings
- Track rankings over time with graphical representation of fluctuations.
- Add video listings to ranking results
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Profile Picture
Ritz K
March 27, 2023
As a content creator of Augmented Startups, I've always been on the lookout for tools that can help me improve my website's search engine rankings. After trying numerous SEO tools, I came across RankTank, and it has been a game-changer for my online presence. Ease of Use: The user interface of RankTank is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate within Google Sheets. Even if you're a beginner in the world of SEO, you'll find it simple to understand the data presented. The tool's dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your website's ranking information, allowing you to quickly identify areas that need improvement. In-Depth Analysis: From what I have tested, RankTank provides a thorough analysis of your website's performance, as well as that of your competitors. This tool shows you where your site ranks for specific keywords and how it stacks up against other websites. I found this information to be quite invaluable for identifying what's working for your competitors and tweaking your own SEO strategies accordingly. Real-Time Insights: One of the most impressive features of Rank Tank is its real-time data. This tool keeps you updated with the latest search rankings.
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Profile Picture
Kudo Digital
February 27, 2023
Amazing tool for google sheet tracking, and great technical support. Allows you to automate keyword tracking (Perfect for our SEO agency)
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Mark Geallis
November 2, 2022
They promised an increase to 1000 free keywords In October and it worked one time and now only give 100 which is not enough. They have never answered several support and info requestsso how can I trust them to pay for more keywords? I cant but wish they were more responsive and transparent, because the tool works great.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Schuzelle van Wyk
October 23, 2020
A great sheet add on for your Google rankings. Really fast and accurate to ensure your rankings are always at the top! :) Good value for money (especially compared to the expensive options out there). Keep up the good work guys!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
October 19, 2020
Seemed like a cool little tool so I gave them my money. When I reached out for some support I got met with the worst attitude and zero help. Very belittling and rude. And for that reason, I would absolutely not recommend this product. A Solution is only as good as the Customer Support it offers. Enjoy some snippets from a real live customer support interaction: Jaco from RankTank: "I don't call users of a $10/month service, you also can't call me. If this bothers you then cancel." and "The only thing you did was take advantage, good riddance."
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Kyle Liebenberg
March 30, 2022
This is a powerful tool!!! After using this tool for only one month my business has ranked from 14th to 2nd on google ;) Do yourself a favour and install this tool today.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of RankTank SEO Keyword Rank Checker Tool
February 16, 2020
Thanks RankTank, for an incredible little SEO add-on. Saves us a ton of time every day finding out where we rank in SERPs for various keywords and phrases. We did find that some scans fail to return results, but retrying once normally solves the issue. You also did not charge for failed requests which is really fair... Even though we needed to retry some requests this tool still saved us hours of manual work. It appears to be way more accurate and reliable than any keyword position tracker we used in the past. The monthly search volume data is a great addition and we found it easy to connect with SEMrush to pull the data. Can you perhaps try to add automatic MSV rescanning in future? What about adding mobile result data, the assumption is that the current SERPs are desktop results? Can you identify featured listings for us? That said great work, we hope to see more in future updates! The Direct Debit SEO Team
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of RankTank SEO Keyword Rank Checker Tool
February 24, 2020
Great SEM tool! I have always wondered why everybody was raving about RankTank, but no more... This is a great little addon that saved me a ton of time. Gone are the days of manual rank checking and outdated reports from archaic SEO tools. This little tank crawls the web and provides you with real-time responses and instant ranking data. A big thanks to Jaco who is always willing to help and constantly improving the tools.
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Profile Picture
A User of RankTank SEO Keyword Rank Checker Tool
June 2, 2020
Great product that allows me to track real-time positions across many search terms at any time. I archive the results every time I run it and this gives me a historical data set of position movements over time. Jaco and the team have provided first-class, responsive support when required. Highly recommended, especially for the price!
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Profile Picture
A User of RankTank SEO Keyword Rank Checker Tool
February 23, 2020
Thanks for releasing this new addon, it's much better than your old Google Sheet, there is a few bugs you need to iron out, but the ranking results seem accurate (looks like you take into account features snippets?) and this tool still saves us a ton of time on initial SEO audits. There is no faster way to get immediate keyword position ranks than the RankTank.
Is this review helpful?
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