Send emails 10x faster with auto-generated replies from your personal AI email assistant.
Listing updated:February 12, 2024
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Boost your Gmail productivity with Ready to Send – an AI-powered Gmail automation app that writes personalized email replies with ChatGPT!

✅ No sign-up required  ✅ 100 Emails Free  ✅ Seamless integration with Gmail

Ready to Send works across desktop and mobile platforms, automatically writing draft replies that match your unique communication style. It's like having a personal email assistant working on your inbox 24/7!

Best of all, the email sounds like you - no training required. Ready to Send intuitively adapts your unique voice and tone based on your previous emails, crafting prewritten responses that truly resonate.

Bid farewell to writer's block and welcome streamlined email management with Ready to Send's time-saving email automation.

➤ Discover how Ready to Send's Gmail automation can transform your email experience. Learn more at 💡


1️⃣ Install Ready to Send from the Google Workspace Marketplace 🛒
2️⃣ Open Gmail on your desktop 💻
3️⃣ Access Ready to Send from the right-side toolbar 🛠️
4️⃣ Watch as draft replies are auto-generated for unread emails 💌
5️⃣ Edit or send replies with confidence ✍️


📬 Contextual, personalized replies written for each conversation
🔧 Seamless integration with Gmail on desktop and mobile
💼 Customizable instructions for writing style and tone
🏢 Automated email replies with business information for customer support
👤 Personal profiles for authentic responses to each contact
🌐 Language-friendly communication in 100+ languages
🛌 Automated Gmail productivity for improved workflow


👩‍💼 Professionals: Accelerate communication and delegate questions
🏢 Businesses: Efficiently address customer inquiries with relevant product descriptions
💌 Personal Use: Achieve Inbox Zero with thoughtful, personalized replies
🎓 Students & Educators: Enhance communication with peers and faculty


🌍 Global enterprises, local businesses, startups & entrepreneurs requiring efficient inbox management.
🛍️ E-commerce platforms, marketing agencies & customer support teams needing effective and personalized email responses.
🌟 Busy individuals aiming to achieve Inbox Zero and maintain a consistent flow of prompt, thoughtful email replies.


Ready to Send offers 100 emails for free, with no setup or credit card required. Premium plans are available for users requiring additional email replies, starting at only $9 per month:


Ready to Send prioritizes your data security, complying with privacy laws like GDPR & California Privacy Act. Emails are never stored; they're only used to generate contextual replies. Powered by ChatGPT language models from OpenAI, it's a smart, secure solution for email automation. 🔐


Need assistance? Check out our comprehensive support guides:
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Ready to Send for Gmail™ will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
Ready to Send for Gmail™ will need access to your Google account
This will allow Ready to Send for Gmail™ to :
Manage drafts and send emails when you interact with the add-on
View your email message metadata when the add-on is running
Run as a Gmail add-on
Manage drafts and send emails
View your email messages and settings
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Profile Picture
Peter Giannopoulos
December 29, 2023
Simply. Wow. I get goosebumps when I read the prepared drafts. They are so on point and the tone is very much my own. At first I wondered if I had written them and forgotten about it. It’s really that good. And it works just as well for my French emails as in English. It’s simply amazing. Warning though, you might get lazy. If you write sloppy half sentences, it will turn them into perfectly worded paragraphs. ;)
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Profile Picture
Michael Mroczka
September 29, 2023
This is a game-changer. I have too much email, and I hate responding to things. 9/10 times this just answers the email directly with what I would want it to say and I maybe have to just add one sentence. The OTHER 1/10 of the time, it is ALSO helpful because it gives me clarity on what I *don't* want. For instance, if it generates, "Yes, this is a great idea. Let's move forward with it early next week?" I quickly realized I wanted the opposite, and it's clearer to me that I needed to write something like, "No, this is terrible. Please cancel our call because this is no longer a good use of my time." It even helps turn your incomplete sentences into full ones. Very neat!
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Profile Picture
Anne Thomas
September 7, 2023
I hate writing emails and never know what to say. The best part of this app is that there are replies ready to review as soon as you open your inbox. It's neat because it ignores newsletters and promotional type stuff and only creates replies for emails where it makes sense. 5/5
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Profile Picture
Daniel Sim
August 9, 2023
This app makes writing email replies a breeze! I've been using it to speed up my email efficiency in Gmail. No need to paste the thread into another app. Recommended.
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Profile Picture
Laura Brisson
August 8, 2023
I've been using this app for a couple of days and the generated drafts are truly impressive! I wasn't sure what to expect but this app is going to save me a lot of time compared to writing responses from scratch - it even matched my tone pretty closely. Definitely worth trying out!
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Profile Picture
Matt Francis
August 9, 2023
What a great app. I've been using Ready to Send to respond to emails much quicker than before. The draft responses are remarkably close to what I want to send so even if I have to edit its only very, very minor. It writes stuff better than I would as well which is great! Definitely test it out for yourself!
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