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Referencer allows you to cross-reference figures, tables, and section titles using built-in Bookmarks in Google Docs. When the document is changed, all references can be synchronized and auto-numbered.
Referencer is a cross-referencing add-on for figures, tables, and section titles in Google Docs. When your Google doc contains numerous sections, figures, and tables, numbering and referencing them can be tedious and error-prone. Updating these objects can be even worse. Referencer takes care of the process like a breeze.

To auto-number your section titles, please follow three simple steps:

1. Format your section titles as headings.
2. Run "Auto-number headings" from the menu of Referencer.
3. Heading is a built-in style for titles in Google Docs. 

You can change headings to the style that you want. If you need help with using headings in Google Docs, please visit

To cross-reference your figures, tables, and section titles, please follow three simple steps:

1. Insert a bookmark at the beginning of the title of a figure, table, or section title.
2. Insert a link in the main text where you want to reference the bookmark.
3. Run "Update References" from the menu of Referencer.

If you have several objects that need cross-reference, you need to repeat the first two steps to cover all objects before running the 3rd step. Bookmarks are built-in functions in Google Docs. If you need help with using Bookmarks in Google Docs, please visit

To remove all cross-references, just run "Remove References" from the menu of Referencer.

To report an issue, please visit
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Phill Jones
November 6, 2020
Being able to maintain cross-references within a document is an important feature for things like report writing. It's a shame that google docs doesn't have this as part of its core feature set. Referencer does a fairly good job of using the bookmark and link feature in googel docs to mimic the sort of updateable cross-references that Microsoft Word can do. There are, however, one or two areas of needed improvement. - It's very slow. Taking several minutes to number sections or update references. - The section numbering function doesn't seem very robust and I had problems changing section numbers - google docs has a section reference feature that the add-on could work with that might provide a more seemless workflow. I did find that this add-on works better when combined with the 'table of contents' add-on that is better at numbering sections and works almost instantaneuously. Using referencer to only do the cross-referencing seems a more efficient way to do it.
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