Streamline document and file management with seamless indexing, registration, storage, retrieval, and sharing capabilities. Oversee a connected workflow that revolves around your valuable documents.
Listing updated:June 24, 2023
Regystrum is an intuitive cloud-based document management application that seamlessly integrates with Gmail and Google Workspace, providing a user-friendly solution for efficient file organization and retrieval. With its comprehensive set of features, Regystrum addresses three key areas:

1. Document Indexing (Identification, Classification & Numbering): Regystrum offers multiple options to log and index files or collections of files. It assigns a unique progressive number automatically, allows the inclusion of titles, descriptions, keywords and metadata, and provides the flexibility to create custom classifications or taxonomies. It also provides document stamping capabilities (for pdf and png files). By installing the "Regystrum for Gmail" add-on, files can be logged and stored directly from your Gmail inbox.

2. Storage & Retrieval: Selected users can store files in a centrally managed Google Drive account, serving as a secure archive. Regystrum facilitates easy retrieval of files based on criteria such as number, date, content, classification, associated metadata, and keywords, utilizing the powerful search algorithm of Google. Additionally, the entire document roster can be exported in CSV format for further analysis.

3. Routing & Task Assigning (Document Workflow Automation): Regystrum streamlines the distribution process by routing files and documents to the appropriate recipients, including departments, offices, or individual users. Leveraging the organization and hierarchy created in Google Workspace, notifications are sent via email (Gmail) and Calendar, ensuring efficient task management. Specific tasks can be associated with files, allowing for monitoring of their progress and completion within a comprehensive workflow.

Regystrum also offers additional essential features, including:

- Log File: Every operation performed in Regystrum is meticulously recorded, providing a complete tracking record that can be accessed for specific time periods or individual files. The log file can be exported in TXT format for further analysis.
- Export Capabilities: A comprehensive roster containing metadata and full classification details can be exported in CSV format, enabling analysis and reporting.
- Ordered Google Drive Storage: Collections created in the selected Google Drive follow a structured hierarchy: Regystrum > YEAR > MONTH > REGISTRATION NUMBER, ensuring organized and efficient file management.
- Generation of Receipts for Third Parties: The "print" function in Regystrum allows for the generation of receipts or evidence of file existence or delivery, with a complete tracking record showcasing any changes in file management.
- Quick Learning and Adoption: Regystrum follows the familiar interaction approach of Google apps, ensuring a smooth user experience and minimizing the learning curve.
- Advanced Role and Privilege Settings: Users within your Google Workspace domain can be granted access to Regystrum, and their roles and privileges can be finely configured based on specific group affiliations (e.g., standard user, task owner, register, administrator, etc.).

Regystrum, also referred to as "Cloud Based Document Management System",  "DMS Software",  "Documents and files management workflow application," "documents classification software," "files identification application," "files and documents registry," "Documents filing," "Document storage" or "Documents archive," provides a comprehensive solution for the registration, storage, and distribution of files and documents within the Google Apps environment.

For video tutorials and more information, please visit Our dedicated customer care team is available at or through

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Winston Kaizilege
August 22, 2023
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fritz abraham
May 1, 2021
Great actually
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A User of Regystrum
September 18, 2015
We have experience some difficulties at setup, but their team have supported us well. Now the applications works beautifully
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A User of Regystrum
February 26, 2015
davvero una bella app: semplice, affidabile e precisa in ogni dettaglio
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