Unsend or recall an email sent within your organization.
Listing updated:June 1, 2023
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Have you ever sent an email that made you cringe with regret?  Maybe it was a typo-ridden disaster, you added the wrong attachment, or you accidentally sent it to the wrong recipient(s).

Whatever the reason – with ReMail – it is now possible to unsend or recall emails that you sent to other members of your organization.  Now you can save yourself from worry and embarrassment!

NOTE: The ability to recall emails is only available for emails sent within your organization on the same Google Workspace domain. This feature is not available for personal Gmail™ accounts.  ReMail must be installed by someone within your org that has administrator privileges. 


Step 1: Launch ReMail
Find and click on the ReMail icon located in the right side panel of Gmail™.

Step 2: Open the email you’ve sent in Gmail™
Open your Sent Items folder and click on the email you want to recall or unsend.

Step 3: Verify that you’re recalling the right email.
Double-check that it’s the email you want to revoke. The subject of the message and date/time of its submission will be displayed in the ReMail interface.

Step 4: Confirm and Your Email Will be Recalled!
Click on ReMail’s Confirm button. ReMail will let you know when the email was successfully unsent.


ReMail is super simple to install!  
We made it easy for Workspace Admins to give this awesome tool to everyone in their organization.  Our application is easier to install than our competitors.

ReMail is easy for anyone to use
Locate the sent email > click to recall > confirm… you’re done!

Here are some common reasons why you might want to recall an email in Gmail:
- You accidentally sent an incomplete draft
- Someone in your organization sent out a company-wide email with inappropriate or inaccurate content
- You sent the message to the wrong person or group
- You made spelling mistakes
- You accidentally attached the wrong documents
- A student sent an inappropriate or offensive email to their peers and teachers 
- You forgot to include important information
- You replied incorrectly to the sender's message because you were in a rush
- You changed your mind about what you said in the email

If you're looking to unsend an email in Gmail, you've come to the right place.  Let's get started… with ReMail!

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Jessie Devlin
March 4, 2024
I'm admin for my personal buisness. App doesn't even launch after install. The screenshots you see in the description are not what it looks like in real life. After you download it, the name of the app changes in the google pin/task bar where the extensions are located. It's just an AI based email tool that as far as I can tell, doesn't recall emails. Needed this to work right now as it promised and it didn't. There are no manuals on how to use any where. Application doesn't even launch like it shows in the description above. It is in the body of the email. I tested some emails and there is absolutely NO recall!! Not at all what it seems.
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A User of ReMail: Undo Sent Email
April 15, 2023
the add on is not loading
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