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MaintainApp | Form Reminders + Notifications
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Instantly verify Google Form answers with your reference value(s) and send E-Mails accordingly. Periodically remind freely selectable recipients to answer Google Form questions.
✪ Notification
Define who will be informed, if the form answer matches with your notification value(s) or if any answer is given.

✪ Reminder
Define who will be informed how many days after the last submission of your selected form question. 

___more MaintainApp functions___
★ PreReminder
★ Escalation Reminder to separate recipient(s)
★ Limit evaluation
★ Threshold evaluation

✅ Inform people when form answers match your criteria
✅ Inform people to answer your questions with link to your google form
✅ Send up to 100|1500 Emails (Consumer|GSuite)* per day to (multiple) freely selectable recipients
✅ MaintainApp functionality for 5 questions
✅ Equip up to 10 spreadsheets with MaintainApp functionality

✅ Process more questions with MaintainApp functionality
✅ When 10 or more questions are processable, the Email signature >>> Google Sheets Add-on MaintainApp <<< will disappear.

🤔 Can I modify the reminder / notification Emails according to the Form answers (of the past) ?
🤔 How to send reminder mails only once per week ?

🤩 Submit your EMail address at:
🤩 Enter Promotion Keyword: MaintainApp
🤩 instantly receive a Lisence Key to process 15 questions in total

*All limits are subject to elimination, reduction, or change at any time, without notice
**This promotion is only valid for limited time

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Samson Assefa
December 9, 2020
Samson Assefa Gebrehiwot
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Sheetomatic - Automate Your Business
November 13, 2020
Awesome Addon I ever used in Google Sheets. To send reminder automatically and Manually both.
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Brian Miller
July 8, 2020
Does what it says, runs reliable without any error up to now. Needed some time to figure out how to fill out the <settings> sheet properly though. Youtube tutorials and add-on description helped.
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A user of Reminders + Notifications for Forms | MaintainApp
July 2, 2020
Thanks for your feedback! We're already working on an update to simplify the user interface... Until then: - create a <settings> sheet, by performing menu function 1) - fill out at least: 1) Form question 2) Value for one or more functionalities: Reminder/Notification/Limit/Threshold 3) E-Mail address(es) for each wanted funcionality
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