Streamline your grading process and reclaim valuable time with Roborubrics, an AI teaching assistant that enables teachers to give high-quality, efficient feedback to their students with ease.
Listing updated:March 20, 2024
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Roborubrics is the ultimate AI teaching assistant, designed to help teachers provide quick and efficient personalized feedback to their students. 

The Ultimate Time Saver

Roborubrics allows teachers to provide exceptionally high quality feedback for hundreds of essays in minutes. Students need feedback quickly to learn best. Roborubrics revolutionizes the way you provide feedback.

Easy to use​

​Open a Doc
Make a rubric 
Click automatic feedback.
It's that simple. 

Created by teachers, for teachers

Your time is valuable. Teachers already work overtime for part-time pay. This leads to tired teachers and high rates of burnout, neither of which benefit students. 

Roborubrics is a solution that lets you increase your efficacy as an educator without sacrificing your most precious resource, your time. 

Roborubrics allows you to provide feedback to hundreds of documents in minutes. It can generate feedback for essays as long as 10,000 words in seconds. We've designed Roborubrics to mitigate bias and inaccuracies, resulting in more reliable and insightful feedback.

A teacher's assistant, not a substitute

Roborubrics stands out by its ability to empower teachers with AI. Completely customizable, the teacher maintains full control of the grading process. Roborubrics is here to assist. 

During the early stages of development, teachers at Roborubrics interviewed students and asked what features they would like to see in an AI-powered auto-grader. A consistent theme emerged: the need for teacher control. Students trust their teachers, that's why Roborubrics puts teachers in the driver's seat.

Powered by OpenAI

Roborubrics uses OpenAI as a third-party service to generate high-quality feedback to writing in seconds, revolutionizing the way you provide feedback to your students. Learn more about OpenAI at

Get started in two simple steps
1. Install the add on 
2. Subscribe at

Four subscription tiers to meet your needs

Starter - FREE for 14 days then $10/month: The starter plan offers a usage limit of 187,500 words per month, making it an ideal choice for teachers who are either new to the platform, or teachers with a small number of students.

Basic $25/month: The basic plan offers a usage limit of 937,500 words per month, making it an ideal choice for teachers with fewer than 75 total students.

Premium $50/month: The premium plan offers a usage limit of 1,875,000 words per month, making it an ideal choice for teachers with fewer than 150 total students.

Pro $100/month: With a usage limit of 3,750,000 words per month, the pro plan is well-suited for teachers who have a total student count exceeding 150 or teach classes that involve the composition of longer essays.

Roborubrics is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for teachers. The time, energy, and well-being you'll gain from using Roborubrics far outweigh the subscription cost. It's an investment in your profession, your students, and your quality of life. Join us today and experience the future of teaching. 

Save time. Teach better. Live better. Get started today. 
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