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Enter an email address to find all of the Google Drive™ files that are owned by that account and export the results into a Google Sheet™ for easy viewing.
Listing updated:June 12, 2022
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Whilst it is possible in Google Drive™ to search for who 'owns' what, it is not easy to go through a large number of results from within the Drive interface. With this Add-on you can perform that search within any Google Sheet™ to more easily collate the results and save them to work on going forwards.

Information collated into the Google Sheet™ includes:
> The filename,
> The file ID,
> A direct/clickable link to the file,
> The type of file eg PDF, Googe Sheet/Doc, etc,
> The file creation date, 
> The file last updated date.

After installing, select the tool from the "Add-ons" menu within any Google Sheet™. When running the tool you will be asked for the email address of who owns the Google Drive™ files that you want to search for. After that it will automatically create a new Google Sheet™ and begin the process of scanning. Once complete the results will be appended to the Sheet for you.

Depending on how many file there are it may take some time and if it does not complete within the Google-allotted time (5mins and 30secs here) you will be prompted to resume progress so nothing is lost.

You can enter an email address other than your own if you wish, in which case it will collate only the files that have been shared with you for which said email address is an 'owner' of.
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Search Drive for owned files will need access to your Google account
This will allow Search Drive for owned files to :
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