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Send Postgres, MySQL, Snowflake, Redshift, MS SQL to Sheets and refresh automatically. You can also sync data from Sheets back to your database.
Listing updated:October 8, 2021
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Connect to your database (MySQL, Postgres, Snowflake, Redshift, Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL), Google Cloud SQL) write SQL, analyze your data, and automate reports and dashboards all without leaving Sheets. You can even query other Sheets using plain SQL without exporting / importing.

We've also added support to automatically sync data from Sheets back to your database immediately after an edit in Sheets. 

It just works.

About our company:
SeekWell was founded in 2018 by Mike Ritchie and Thabo Fisher in NYC. While heading analytics at a Fintech startup, Mike was constantly being asked for fresh data from team mates in Finance, Operations and Sales. These teams all wanted data in Sheets, but there was no easy way to automate the flow of data from our SQL database (Postgres) to Google Sheets. Seeing the gap in the market, Mike built and launched the first version of SeekWell in under a month!

Since then, we've made a ton of improvements to the product and have grown our team, but we remain laser focused on making it easy to write SQL and push data to your team in the tools they need it. This now includes the ability to sync data from Sheets back to a database to streamline operations work. We've also made it easier for non-technical customers to get the data they need without asking data analysts for help. You can reach us at with any questions or help with onboarding.
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