Seamlessly pull your latest Amazon Seller data into Google Sheets so you can monitor and work with it where you need it most.
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If you’re like most Amazon sellers, you're probably facing the same time pressures each and every day. Wish you had more time to research new products, tweak your launch strategies and build relationships with suppliers?

You probably started your business to take control of your future, but sometimes it feels like the business is running you...

...why's it like this? It's probably because measuring and managing your seller performance is so tedious!

You’re stuck with painfully downloading and wrestling with numerous CSV files in Seller Central to extract insights and make decisions.

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it" --- Peter Drucker

* What’s my average selling price – today, last month, or, any other period?
* What are my best selling vs. worst selling products, today, last month, or any other period?
* How fast is my inventory selling (average inventory turnover)?
* What is my optimal selling price?
* How can I forecast my seasonal sales accurately to avoid stock out?
* How much should I spend on ads?
* What listings are worth paying long-term storage fees versus removing or disposing?
* How are my products priced relative to other FBA competition?

* Manually downloading numerous .csv files with confusing and repetitive columns aren't connected to one another
* Stocking out of your product at the worst possible times when demand is highest because keeping tabs on your inventory is such a pain
* Dreading the day you have to do all the above just to get a hint as to what's going on in your business

* Get basic product information like image, title, and color like this:
=SZ_PRODUCT(“B001NQHN7S”, “image_medium”)

* Find out what the current new or used buy box price for one of your SKUs is like:
=SZ_OFFERSTATS(“FBA-2860-180910055899_81”, “new_buy_box_price”)

* Get the current sales rank of one of your products like:
=SZ_RANK(“B001NQHN7S”, “rank”)

* Pull the total number of fulfillable units you have for one for your SKUs like:
=SZ_INVENTORY(“FBA-2860-180910055899_81”, “qty_in_stock”, "US")

* USA (

To use this add-on, you must have a professional Amazon Seller account because an MWS API Auth Token is required to access data. Individual seller accounts are not supported as they do not include access to the MWS API.
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