Get your web site search rank or extract search results using localized searches on Google, Bing, Baidu and more.. This add-on allow advanced analysis of search engine without any programming skills.
Listing updated:May 25, 2023
Works with:
This add-on allows to run localized search  on Google, Bing and Baidu. It makes easy to search or return the current ranking of your website.

Video tutorial:

This add-on offers:
 - 2 examples to get started
 - Custom function to return search result from Google, Bing, Baidu:
 =SERPAPI_RESULT("q=coffee&engine=google&location=austin", "organic_results.0.title") Returns SerpApi result using any search engine and selector supported.
 - Rank your web site on Google using localized search:
 =SERPAPI_RANK("q=coffee&engine=google&location=austin", "") Returns rank of for Coffee in Austin.

To see all the parameters you can use in the query, make sure to checkout the SerpApi Playground:

Status: Public Beta testing.

This add-on leverages SerpApi service which provides the capability to search on Google from anywhere in the planet.
You need to obtain an API Key from SerpApi, then register the key. 
We offer a 15-day free trial and 5,000 searches.
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