The missing G Suite Domain Shared Contacts Manager by Nextify Technologies SARL.
Listing updated:September 7, 2022
This app allows you to manage domain shared contacts (ie external contacts that are shared among all domain users, they may be your customers, providers, ... etc.).

How is this app different from the other apps?
Shared Contacts Manager allows you to manage the Native Domain Contacts. This is the Global Address List (GAL) for your domain. This GAL can be managed only by Super Admins.
Other apps allow any user to share their contacts with any other users. Imagine any user being able to share your biggest client or provider email and phone.

Since 2018, we helped hundreds of admins to provide a secured and verified Global Address List to their users. We currently serve more than 180,000 final users.

Why are your ratings so bad?
Our app came from the field. Our speciality is actually to provide G Suite deployment and training services. Each time we provided an admin training we had the same question about the Global Address List: does G Suite support a GAL and how we can edit the contacts. The answer was: Yes the GAL is supported by G Suite and the only way to manage it is to call Google Contacts service APIs. This was our answer until we created the Shared Contacts Manager.
Our ratings are so bad because it was not an easy task to stabilize an app that uses a lightly documented API with no other developpers providing feedback. We keep our ratings untouched because we are not ashamed of our learning path and we are proud of our achievement. In fact we are still the only app that manages the native GAL.

G Suite allows you to save up to 50,000 shared contacts for your users to use. They appear in Gmail when you are entering the first letters in the 'To' box. You may have used this type of contacts before and wish to have the same feature with your new G Suite account. As of today, G Suite does not provide a way to manage this kind of data other than the programmatic way using the Google Service APIs.

Our app allows you to manage domain shared contacts in an easy way. It was built to have a look and feel that mimics the Admin Console. 

/!\ Important note: In order to use this application you need to have a Google Workspace administrator account with Super Admin role.

/!\ Important note: IE does not run this application. We recommend using Google Chrome and we support Opera v55.0+ and Firefox v61.0.1+.

- List all your domain shared contacts.
- Add one by one new shared contacts.
- Bulk upload shared contacts from a Google Sheet document or CSV file.
- Edit shared contacts easily in a web interface.
- Remove contacts one by one or by selecting many contacts.
- Filter contacts by name, email address, company name or employee title.
Since version 2.0.0:
- Export all contacts or selected ones.
- Supports multiple emails and phone number per contact.
And more features are still to come!

Our app offers a 60 days trial, when this period is passed, you can subscribe to one of our plans:
- Individual Plan for $10 per year: You will be able to use all features for one year.
- Domain-wide Plan for $50 per year: All your domain admins can use all features for one year.
Note: After the 60 days trial period, without a subscription, all you can do with the app is to delete shared contacts.

/!\ New pricing will be applied starting from Sunday, 1 January 2023:
- Individual Plan for $20 per year.
- Domain-wide Plan for $100 per year.

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