Share contacts in one click & access them from any device. Centralize your contacts & labels across your organization & define access permissions like Google Drive™ folders!
Listing updated:September 10, 2023
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Shared Contacts for Gmail™ helps the teachers to access all the students' and parents' phone numbers and emails in their favorite apps (Gmail™, iPhone contacts etc.) The data is always up to date because all admin staff have permission to update the contacts.” Daniel Moreno
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  “Everyone in my team can now create and update their important contact details, even their CRM customers information, through Gmail™ directly... or even Google Drive™, on their PCs and mobile.... A dream for teams who are moving a lot !” - Dustin Knopfler

Shared Contacts for Gmail™ helps you:

Share Google Contacts™ with any users or groups of users in a single click
Centralize your contacts for your whole organization in one place
Instantly synchronize all contacts for everyone on all devices and apps
Manage your employees’ contact information and synchronize your Google™ LDAP with all devices, apps and IP phones
Let employees edit their own directory profiles 
Share your Google Workspace™ Directory with anyone inside or outside your domain in a few seconds
Share Gmail™ Contacts between accounts or with family, friends, colleagues etc.
Modify or add shared contacts in the shared groups
Shared contacts appear in search and show-up in Gmail™ autocomplete
Unlimited sharing capacity
Permissions management (Read Only/Can Edit/Can Delete/Can Share)
Manage all centralized contacts from a powerful shared contacts manager
Control the privacy of shared contacts by hiding specific fields for unauthorized users
Find contacts with similar attributes or common information using advanced search filters
Restore deleted contacts without any time limitation
Create Gmail™ Shared Distribution List
Add, edit and access Shared Google Contacts™ from any device
Easily Integrate with Google Contacts™, Outlook, CRMs, WhatsApp and thousands of other apps

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Shared Contacts for Gmail™ is an app that lets you share Google Contacts™ lists or groups with anyone in your Google Workspace™ domain, outside your domain or free Gmail™ users in a single click. If you use Google Services and Google Contacts™ as your contacts manager then Shared Contacts for Gmail™ is especially designed for you, to give you enhanced contact sharing and management capabilities.



➤ 15 Days Free Trial
➤ Plans start at $2.49 / month. 
➤ Monthly and yearly plans available.



1️⃣ Open Shared Contacts for Gmail™ from your Google Apps
2️⃣ Select contacts you want to share 
3️⃣ Share the selected contacts with your desired people using their email addresses
4️⃣ They will receive the invitation to access shared contacts and your contacts will be accessible to them



➡ ️ Unifying different Google™ LDAP Directories: With Shared Contacts for Gmail™, you can unify Google™ LDAP directories of different domains without any hassle, in a single click. All the employees of each domain will have access to the contact details of all of their colleagues regardless of which domain they belong to. They can easily find them in all Google™ Apps, all the integrated apps and all the devices they use.

➡ Accessing your company’s Google™ LDAP directory on your phone: While working on the go, you can notice that your address book is missing the important Google™ LDAP information of your company’s contacts on your phone and it can be a hassle when you urgently have to get that information. But, with Shared Contacts for Gmail™, you can instantly and easily sync all of your Google™ LDAP directory contacts with all of your devices, including your phone and any apps that you are using for communication in a matter of a few clicks. This helps you access employee contacts which are in your Google™ LDAP directory contacts on your phone and apps, anywhere, anytime.  

➡ Unifying address book for all shareholders: You can easily keep a unified address book for all the people who need to access contact details of a certain group which gets constantly changed without doing anything. For instance, your marketing team and sales team can share contact details of leads in which they can constantly change the status and description of those leads depending on the communication without having to manually update anything in contacts and having always updated contact details at all times for everyone, everywhere. 

➡ Making collaboration easy: If you work with an agency or freelancers outside of your organization, you can share Google Contacts™ which includes the contact details of all the employees that the agency or freelancers would need to contact in a single click, even if they are not part of your organization's domain.


➤ Share your Google Contacts™ with anyone using Google Workspace™, in your work domain or outside, and Gmail™ users in a single click
➤ Centralize all of your organization’s contacts in a single place 
➤ Instantly synchronize Google Contacts™ for everyone on all devices and apps
➤ Integrate Shared Contacts for Gmail™ with Salesforce, WhatsApp, Outlook, Google™ Apps and thousands of other apps
➤ Easily manage your employees’ contact information and synchronize your Google™ LDAP with all devices, apps and IP phones. Allow your employees to edit their company’s directory profile themselves.
➤ Hide specific fields in the shared contacts from unauthorized users
➤ Easily find contacts using the advanced search filters
➤ Share your organization’s Google™ LDAP Directory with anyone using Google Workspace™ or Gmail™
➤ Restore any deleted contacts without any limitation of time
➤ Assign different access permissions to users - Read Only, Can Edit, Can Delete & Can Share
➤ Internal commenting system for each contact that helps you and your team collaborate
➤ Unlimited contact lists
➤ Unlimited sharing capacity


Shared Contacts for Gmail™ is a top rated app among some others which include Shared Contacts Manager, ContactBook, Contact Share App, Shared Groups, Labelizer, Contact Share for Google Contacts™, CoContacts, Shared Contacts Manager for Google Workspace™ (formerly G Suite), Voyzu Shared Contacts Manager, and PieSync.

It helps you create as many contact groups as you like and share your Google™ contact groups with as many Gmail™ and Google Workspace™ (formerly G Suite) users as you like. Not only this, you can also define access permissions for the shared Google Contacts™ labels also known as contact lists. These permissions include view only access, editing permission, sharing permission, and permission to delete Google Contacts™. You can also share Gmail™ contacts with other domain users and even free Gmail™ users in a matter of a few clicks.

You can also backup your Google Contacts™ with our app. In addition, our intuitive interface and strong integration helps you edit and share contacts directly from Gmail™ and Google Contacts™, without having to login to your app dashboard. 

We have built Shared Contacts for Gmail™ in a way that can make it extremely easy for you to share Google Contacts™ with any Gmail™ and Google Workspace™ (formerly G Suite) users. Simply install our app and start sharing your Google Contacts™ Labels.

Try it today for free and see how it can help your company share and manage your contacts without costing you an arm and a leg and without any effort!
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