Sheetgo connects, transfers, filters, splits, merges Google Sheets™, Excel, CSV files, and integrates them with Google Docs™ and Gmail™ for easy automated data movement - an Importrange alternative.
Listing updated:March 15, 2024
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Welcome to Sheetgo! The simple way to automate entire business processes directly within your spreadsheet.

Sheetgo is an all-in-one data management platform that allows you to build custom workflows to automate entire business processes. Connect, transfer, merge, split or filter your spreadsheet data and use intelligent integrations such as Google Sheets™, Google Docs™, Gmail™, Excel and CSV files to build powerful workflows that streamline your data management.

How to open Sheetgo

In order to open the add-on, open Google Sheets™ and click on Extensions. Select Sheetgo to open the add-on.

If you want to open the web app, head over to the Google Workspace™ apps menu in the top right-hand corner (from your Google Search, Google Drive™, Google Calendar™, Gmail™, etc.), scroll down, and you will find the Sheetgo icon. Click on it to launch the web app. Alternatively, go to 

With Sheetgo you can:


Connect Google Sheets™ to Google Sheets™
► Transfer data between different files automatically, consolidate spreadsheets by combining multiple sheets into one central file and build an automated workflow that moves and manages your data for you.
► Sync two Google Sheets™ files with automated connections between them.
► Connect Google Sheets™ tabs automatically,  importing and exporting data from one spreadsheet to another.

Connect Excel to Google Sheets™ or CSV
► Set up an automated system to transfer data between Excel, Google Sheets™ and CSV automatically.
► Create a workflow to upload Excel to Google Drive™ without any manual work.
► Schedule automatic updates to transfer data between Excel, Google Sheets™ and CSV at regular intervals.
► Sheetgo is compatible with XLS, XLSX, XLSM files.

ImportRange alternative
► Boost productivity by connecting your team’s files and save time — no more copy-pasting or manual data collection.
► Easier to use because it doesn't require complex formulas or any advanced knowledge of spreadsheets.

Transfer formatting in Google Sheets™
► Unlike ImportRange, when you link Google Sheets™ with Sheetgo, you can copy the formatting from your source sheet (including font, colors, text and number styles) to the destination sheet. 
► Transfer number formatting in Excel. This includes number, date and time formatting, merged cells, column dimensions and more.


Merge data from multiple Google Sheets™ into one 
► Merge data from multiple spreadsheets into a master sheet automatically for analysis, reporting and dashboards. 

Merge data from multiple tabs into one 
► Merge Google Sheets™, Excel and CSV tabs into one single tab.


Split data to multiple spreadsheets
► Send filtered data from a master sheet to up to 100 other Google Sheets™ files automatically.
► Split Google Sheets™ into multiple sheets to share only selected data with colleagues or clients.


► Transfer only selected data from Google Sheets™ to Google Sheets™ automatically.
► Transfer filtered data by query, condition or by cell color.
► Query multiple Google Sheets™.


► Use Sheetgo Forms to collect data and transfer responses to Google Sheets™ and other spreadsheets.
► Build forms from your spreadsheet data automatically.
► Apply data validation to ensure users enter only valid data.
► Keep your data secure by sharing only Sheetgo Forms, but not your spreadsheets.
► Trigger automated workflows based on form responses.

Google Docs™

Generate documents from Google Sheets™
► Export data from your Google Sheets™ file to a custom Google Docs™ template to automatically generate personalized documents for each row of data within your spreadsheet.
► Use Sheetgo Tags in your Google Docs™ template to add dynamic data from your spreadsheet into your document and create personalized documents.


Generate PDFs from spreadsheets
► Convert Google Sheets™, Excel or CSV to PDF automatically.
► Create workflows to generate PDFs from a spreadsheet and send them automatically via email.


Share data via Gmail™ from Google Sheets™ 
► Add your Google Sheets™ files or your generated documents and PDF as attachments and send them with others via Gmail™. 
► Automatically send personalized emails to email addresses recognized in your spreadsheets and use the smart tags to transfer dynamic data directly into your message for unique communication.


Automate Google Sheets™ and save time on your spreadsheet work
► Schedule automatic updates (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) to move data between spreadsheets without any manual work.
► Smart delay: Your source data is only transferred when it’s ready. Sheetgo waits for formulas to be executed before consolidating the data.


► Finance: Keep track of your business expenses, manage your cash flow and generate financial reports automatically. 
► Inventory and supply chain: Track your inventory and automate your supply chain management by connecting multiple files to a centralized spreadsheet.
► Project management: Create an automated project tracking system based on spreadsheets and manage your projects effortlessly.
► Marketing: Collect marketing data, create sales campaigns, send promotional emails and generate reports automatically.
► Education: Build your own education management system to track student grades and attendance with spreadsheet-based workflows.
► Human resources: Create workflows to automate PTO requests and track KPIs.
► Sales: Create a spreadsheet-based sales management solution to track your leads and your sales funnel metrics.
► Data management: Build your own data management system with automated workflows to connect spreadsheets and store your data securely.

And much more!


► Save time and money: Streamline your business processes and boost your productivity.
► Increase efficiency: Eliminate manual tasks and reduce the risk of human error.
► Keep your data safe and secure: Sheetgo doesn't copy or store your data.
► Scale your business: Harness the power of automation to streamline your processes and level up your business.
► Take advantage of the benefits and features of SaaS solutions at a fraction of the price. 
► With Sheetgo, you can build powerful workflows with the apps you already know and use.
► Create custom solutions tailored to your business needs without coding skills or knowledge of advanced formulas, all at an affordable price.


► Free plan: 99 smart transfers per month and 20+ pre-built solutions.
► Professional plan (starting from $22/month): recommended for self-employed professionals.
► Business plan (starting from $77/month): recommended for small and mid-sized teams.
► Enterprise plan: recommended for large teams and organizations.

For more information on Sheetgo plans, head to

► Sheetgo holds the Recommended for Google Workspace™ security label: Sheetgo has been selected for the second consecutive year as a “Recommended for Workspace” app.
► Keep your data safe and secure with Sheetgo. Sheetgo doesn't copy or store your data. All your data is stored securely in Google Drive™.
► Sheetgo is GDPR compliant.


Expert automation support
► Access tutorials.
► 1-1 video support.
► Custom workflow design.

Visit our support center here:


Release date: Jun 22, 2023.

► BigQuery™ as Destination
Effortlessly load, analyze, and derive insights from massive datasets with seamless integration into BigQuery™ scalable and powerful cloud-based data warehousing and analytics solution

Release date: Apr,13, 2023.

► General improvements
- Added a new feature to the Workspace page, allowing users to filter workflows by ownership, for providing users with greater control and flexibility when managing their workflows. 
- Added a new option to the Generate feature to enable users to insert images into the generated emails.
- In response to community feedback, we have added the option of filtering transfer consumption based on a date range. This feature provides users with a powerful tool for analyzing their consumption history.
- Implemented support for listing files and folders located in the root folder for resources stored on the SharePoint provider.
- Added the ability to create multiple email generations per tab destination, allowing users to use a prefix for the columns that control the generated emails for each connection.

Release date: Mar 21, 2023.

► New Forms features and improvements
- Customize forms ordering: This new feature provides users with the ability to customize and organize their form lists according to their individual needs and preferences. 
- Sub-question as an open field: we have added the ability to create open-field subquestions. This feature allows users to add details and/or a value to sub questions within the form, which can be configured as desired. For information on how it works, please check the official forms documentation.
- Pre-fill fields based on another question: We are glad to announce the addition of the ability to pre-fill values according to a certain dependency in another field. This feature allows users to fill out a question with spreadsheet data, using a syntax similar to the VLOOKUP formula. Please refer to the example in the official forms documentation for a better understanding of how this feature works.
- Auto-fill fields of published forms: Improved the published forms to be able to receive field values by URL parameters for pre-filling the questions.

► Combine multiple PDF files
As requested by the community, we are releasing the option to combine PDFs when generating multiple PDFs from documents or spreadsheets. This allows users to more easily and quickly email multiple PDFs merged into a single multi-page file, rather than having to send each individually. Please check out how it works in our help center documentation.

► Send emails without formatting
Introducing a new option for our "Generate email" feature. Users will now be able to send emails without any formatting, in a text-only format, providing greater flexibility and convenience when sending emails.

► Filter by query for Excel files
We are delighted to announce the full support of the ability to filter Excel files hosted on Google Drive™ using SQL language. This powerful tool will enable our users to quickly and easily query their Excel files in the same manner as they do with Google Sheets™, allowing them to access the data they need faster and more efficiently.

► Improved the Append feature
Added the ability to select an existing tab as the destination when using the Append data feature. This improvement enables Sheetgo to maintain all existing data, formulas, and formatting of the former data set, allowing users to quickly and easily integrate new data within existing spreadsheets.

Release date: Nov 29, 2022.

► Workflow collaboration
Improved the Workflow sharing, to introduce better control over the workflow resources while collaborating with your team, this release has various improvements, and a new Share dialog, featuring new features to enable users to extract the best from Sheetgo towards collaboration and productivity:

► Connection builder improvements
- Improved the user journey on both the web app and add-on, making it more intuitive when creating connections, highlighting what is important, simplifying some steps, aiming for a better user experience, and improving the Aha moments. Here are the points of this package:
- Sheetgo now allows selecting multiple folders as a source when creating or editing connections;
- Added the option to select more than one tab from a single source file;
- Added the option to select all tabs on a source file
- Added “Transfer formatting” and “Append” options in the main section, in this way users will see and be aware of these powerful features.

Google Sheets™, Google Drive™, Google Docs™, Google Calendar™, Google Workspace™, Gmail™, BigQuery™ are trademarks of Google LLC.
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Profile Picture
Shabbir Raza
December 6, 2023
Sheetgo is a game-changer for our business, streamlining complex processes with its user-friendly interface and powerful automation features. The seamless integration with other tools and responsive customer support make it an invaluable asset. Highly recommended for its efficiency, collaboration tools, and overall impact on productivity.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
tewwolde kiros
March 4, 2024
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Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Jose Pineda
November 28, 2023
What a waste. So they lure you in with all the features of their "pro" plan, you set up your connections (in my case export or sync one excel sheet with a google sheet), and then when the 7 days trial is over they tell you that the free plan doesn't support excel to google connections. Nice. That means that their "free" plan does nothing useful and that's why it's free.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Lisa Booysen
November 20, 2023
Best online spreadsheet management system ever. We need more of these systems.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Maybach Regis
January 16, 2024
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Damir Sporisevic
January 8, 2024
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Sophia Benavides
December 6, 2023
Very useful to simplify and automate my work!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Vegan Politico
December 23, 2022 suddenly ended its free plan after having early adopters set everything up and rely on it, so we tried to migrate to Sheetgo. Complete waste of time. Sheetgo lures you in to have you set it all up then tell you that what they advertised is actually not part of the free plan. All the work we did setting up our connections was a waste of energy and time. Sheetgo charges hundreds of dollars every year to set up a basic connection between an Excel file and a Google Sheets file. The free version does literally nothing. There's no point to it at all, so no, this does not work.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Stella Pedreira
December 6, 2023
I'm a user of the product, it helps me in my work routine and I recommend it to make your work routine easier.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Mohammad Danish
December 7, 2023
An excellent workspace automation solution!
Is this review helpful?
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