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Sheetgo connects, transfers, filters, splits, merges Google Sheets™, Excel, CSV files, and integrates them with Google Docs™ and Gmail™ for easy automated data movement - an Importrange alternative.
Listing updated:May 26, 2023
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Welcome to Sheetgo! The simple way to automate your data management directly within your spreadsheet.

Sheetgo is an all-in-one data management tool that allows you to build custom workflows to automate entire business processes. Connect, transfer, merge, split or filter your spreadsheet data and use intelligent integrations such as Google Sheets™, Google Docs™, Gmail™, Excel and CSV files to build powerful workflows that streamline your data management.

With Sheetgo you can:

Connect Google Sheets™ to Google Sheets™
► Transfer data between different files automatically, consolidate spreadsheets by combining multiple sheets into one central file and build an automated workflow that moves and manages your data for you.
► Sync two Google Sheets™ files with automated connections between them.
► Connect Google Sheets™ tabs automatically,  importing and exporting data from one spreadsheet to another.

Connect Excel to Google Sheets™ or CSV
► Set up an automated system to transfer data between Excel, Google Sheets™ and CSV automatically.
► Create a workflow to upload Excel to Google Drive™ without any manual work.
► Schedule automatic updates to transfer data between Excel, Google Sheets™ and CSV at regular intervals.
► Sheetgo is compatible with XLS, XLSX, XLSM files.

ImportRange alternative
► Boost productivity by connecting your team’s files and save time — no more copy-pasting or manual data collection.
► Easier to use because it doesn't require complex formulas or any advanced knowledge of spreadsheets.

Control data privacy with custom workflows
► Share data without sharing your entire spreadsheet.
► Filter Google Sheets™ data to colleagues’ or clients files automatically.
► Split Google Sheets™ files into multiple worksheets to share data without sharing your entire spreadsheet.

Better business intelligence
► Get accurate and traceable data and generate automated reports and dashboards.
► Build a custom solution for any business process.

Connect spreadsheets cross-cloud
► Connect Excel, Google Sheets™, CSV and TSV files stored in Google Drive™, OneDrive, Sharepoint or Dropbox. 
► Integrate Dropbox with Google Drive™ and transfer files between folders automatically.
► Sync Onedrive or SharePoint to Google Drive™ and build cross-cloud workflows for hybrid teams.

Filter data between Google Sheets™
► Transfer only selected data from Google Sheets™ to Google Sheets™ automatically.
► Transfer filtered data by condition or by cell color.
► Query multiple Google Sheets™.

Merge data from multiple Google Sheets™ into one 
► Merge data from multiple spreadsheets into a master sheet automatically for analysis, reporting and dashboards. 

Merge data from multiple tabs into one 
► Merge Google Sheets™, Excel and CSV tabs into one single tab.

Split data to multiple spreadsheets
► Send filtered data from a master sheet to up to 100 other Google Sheets™ files automatically.
► Split Google Sheets™ into multiple sheets to share only selected data with colleagues or clients.

Append Google Sheets™ data
► Create historical charts and record changes to your data over time.
► Freeze values at specified intervals and append data in a log. 

Transfer formatting in Google Sheets™
► Unlike ImportRange, when you link Google Sheets™ with Sheetgo, you can copy the formatting from your source sheet (including font, colors, text and number styles) to the destination sheet. 
► Transfer number formatting in Excel. This includes number, date and time formatting, merged cells, column dimensions and more.

Generate documents from Google Sheets™
► Export data from your Google Sheets™ file to a custom Google Docs™ template to automatically generate personalized documents for each row of data within your spreadsheet.
► Use Sheetgo Tags in your Google Docs™ template to add dynamic data from your spreadsheet into your document and create personalized documents.

Share data via Gmail™ from Google Sheets™ 
► Add your Google Sheets™ files or your generated documents and PDF as attachments and send them with others via Gmail™. 
► Automatically send personalized emails to email addresses recognized in your spreadsheets and use the smart tags to transfer dynamic data directly into your message for unique communication.

Automate Google Sheets™ and save time on your spreadsheet work
► Schedule automatic updates (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) to move data between spreadsheets without any manual work.
► Smart delay: Your source data is only transferred when it’s ready. Sheetgo waits for formulas to be executed before consolidating the data.

Expert automation support
► Access tutorials.
► 1-1 video support.
► Custom workflow design.

Secure data with Sheetgo 
► Sheetgo holds the Recommended for Google Workspace security label. 
► Sheetgo is GDPR compliant.

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