Handle multiple sheets with ease: copy, move, reorder, (un)lock, (un)hide, color, delete.
Listing updated:March 29, 2024
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This add-on takes your Google Sheets™ management to a next level. It lets you select multiple sheets and handle them all at once. Hide, protect, copy & move, change color, reorder, delete – everything can be done with sheets in bulk. 


1. Handy list of all sheets

See and navigate all sheets from the user-friendly add-on tree view. You'll instantly recognize all protected sheets, colored, hidden ones (which you can hide from the list), your currently active sheet and all tabs selected to be managed. 

2. Manage several sheets

Everything you're used to doing with sheets one by one is now possible with all of them at once. Select multiple sheets by ticking off their checkboxes straight in Sheets Manager and process them all in one go.

3. Copy & move sheets to multiple separate spreadsheets

Have the add-on create a new folder in your Drive™ and copy or move each selected sheet from the file to its own new spreadsheet in that folder.

4. Quick sheet search

Find the required sheet swiftly by typing its name in the search field.

5. Sheet count

See how many sheets there are in your spreadsheet and how many you select to process.


Whether you deal with 1 or several sheets, it's a lot easier when you have them all listed in one place with controls right above them (or in the context menu):

 • Hide/unhide
 • Show hidden sheets in the list
 • Reorder with drag-n-drop
 • Find sheets by names using quick search
 • Change tab color / reset color
 • Lock/unlock sheets: 
    1. Show warning
    2. Restrict editing
 • Copy sheets to:
    1. Current spreadsheet (duplicate)
    2. New spreadsheet
    3. Existing spreadsheet
    4. Multiple new spreadsheets
    5. Multiple existing spreadsheets
 • Move sheets to:
    1. New spreadsheet
    2. Existing spreadsheet
    3. Multiple new spreadsheets
    4. Multiple existing spreadsheets
 • Rename
 • Delete


Fully functional 30-day trial period. All payments are secure and include an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you have any questions please post them here: https://www.ablebits.com/docs/handle-multiple-google-sheets/
We'll be happy to assist!

Sheets Manager is a proud member of the Ablebits product family. We build add-ons that help you make the most of Google Workspace™. Visit our official website to learn more:
***** V1.2 (10 May 2023) *****
★ New features: ★
- Copy or move the same sheet(s) to multiple existing spreadsheets at once.

- It's now possible to look for the files in the folder with Starred items of your Drive.
- The limit for total cells in a spreadsheet is expanded to 10 million cells.
- Minor UX and UI improvements.

- Stopped processing multiple sheets if at least one of them couldn't be processed.
- Didn't delete sheets found in the add-on quick search.
- Couldn't locate spreadsheets in Drive™ if your search name started with an apostrophe.
- Moved the protected data to other spreadsheets.
- Inserted the Chart-sheet first after copying and moving it along with other multiple sheets.
- Displayed sheet names incorrectly if they had leading spaces.

***** V1.1 (1 Mar 2022) *****
★ New features ★
- Quick sheet search. You can find the required sheet swiftly by typing its name in the search field.

- The add-on now copies and moves multiple sheets in the same order they appear in the source file.
- Minor UX and UI improvements.
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See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
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Profile Picture
Russ Salzman
October 17, 2023
I just started using the Sheets Manager add-on. So far it has helped me make changes across multiple sheets in one file at the same time. As I use it more I can offer up additional feedback.
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Profile Picture
Chris Machado
December 1, 2023
Works great for our business. Make large workbooks with multiple sheets much easier to manage.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Joseph Cheah
September 5, 2023
Go to Data > Protect Sheets and Ranges > Done.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Aman khan
January 21, 2022
Love it. It is simply amazing with the functionalities, eases the tasks. Bought the subscription just so I can keep enjoying the ease.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
timothy toluwani
October 1, 2022
sheet manager good
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Daniela Reyes González
October 5, 2022
It doesn't even show ...
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Josh Lydon
March 22, 2022
False advertisement as I don't see option to create multiple sheets
Is this review helpful?
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