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Real-time and historical price data and detailed fundamentals for over 50,000 global stocks, ETF, FOREX and crypto. Build investing dashboards, portfolio trackers, stock market analysis and valuation.
Listing updated:August 1, 2022
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SheetsFinance connects Google Sheets to a huge network of global market data allowing you to build powerful investing dashboards on your own. We have over 50,000 stocks, ETFs, FOREX and cryptocurrencies with real time price quotes and over 30 years of historical price and fundamental financial data! 

📔 Pre-built Templates:

➤ Use our function generator to access our data with no programming skills or fancy formulas required

➤ No personal or payment details needed to trial, get started immediately after install

➤ Unlimited data requests for only $5/month!

✔ 30 + years of all Historical Financials (Annual and Quarterly)
Income statement
Balance sheet
Cash flow 
Key financial ratios

✔ Real time price quotes for stocks, ETFs, Crypto and FOREX
Previous Close
Day High
Day Low

✔ Key Company Information
EPS ttm 
Average volume
Market Cap
Year High
Year Low
50 Day Moving Average
200 Day Moving Average
Full time employees
…and much more

✔ Daily data from any date for 30+ years
Adjusted Close
Unadjusted Volume

✔ 50+ financial ratios for 30+ years
Gross and Net Profit Margin
Debt Ratio
Per share statistics
Price to Book/Sales/Earnings
Dividend Payout Ratio
Current/Quick/Cash Ratio
...and much more

✔ 30+ years of historical dividend data

✔ Options chains
Expiration Dates

✔ Analyst Stock Ratings
10 years of analyst rating data
3 years of analyst consensus data (rating totals)
Buy, Sell, Hold, Strong Buy, Strong Sell
Filterable by date, type and analyst

✔ 100+ real time Foreign Exchange (FOREX) ratios
...and much more

✔ Historical Price Data (time series) generation
Historical daily 30+ years!
Intraday 1min
Intraday 5min
Intraday 30min
Intraday 1hr

✔ Simple Sparklines
lastXdays price performance
lasXdays volume

✔ Huge, growing network of financial data
Saudi Stock Exchange
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Nasdaq Copenhagen
… and much more



➤ Real time (to the second) price:

=SF("AAPL", "realTime", "price")

➤ Real time (to the second) FOREX rate:

=SF("USDGBP", "realTime", "price")

➤ Reported revenue from 2010:

=SF("AAPL", "historicalfinancialsIncome", "revenue", "2010")

➤ Closing price on 25th April 2014:

=SF("AAPL", "historical", "close", "2014-04-25")

➤ ROE from 1999:

=SF("AAPL", "ratios", "roe", "1999")

➤ EPS Growth (year-on-year) in 2020:

=SF("AAPL", "growth", "epsgrowth", "2020")

➤ All historical analyst stock ratings:

=SF("AAPL", "ratings")

➤ Analyst re-rates in most recent year:

=SF("AAPL", "analysts")

➤ Historical price data from 2012 to now: 

=SF_TIMESERIES("AAPL", "2010-01-01", "2021-06-01")

➤ Intraday data, 1 minute intervals:

=SF_TIMESERIES("AAPL", "null","null","1min")

➤ Options data:

=SF_OPTIONS("AAPL", "calls", "all", "2023-01-20")

➤ Historical dividend data:

=SF_DIVIDEND("AAPL", "2015-10-12", "2022-03-10", "all")




01/08/2022: Added "priceTargets" data type for analyst price target information. Enabled batch functionality for "companyInfo" data type. Large addition of stocks, privacy improvements and bug fixing.
16/06/2022: Added "estimates" data type for analyst earnings forecasts, bug fix and optimisation for refresh all and refresh real-time.
9/06/2022: Bug fix for ttm data, addition of new stocks and crypto (over 50k now available!), improvements to function generator.
17/03/2022: Options chains, historical dividend data, company peers, improved formatting options for data, addition of new stocks, inclusion of adjusted close and unadjusted volume to time-series.
03/02/2022: Major server upgrades, improved loading times, optimised Google request usage.
28/01/2022: New crypto and stocks, ttm available for all historical financials, isin numbers, bug fixing.
9/11/21: New alt coins added, new historical TTM functionality, performance improvements and bug fixing.
23/09/21: Added TTM data for all companies, bug fix for ASX sparklines, bug fix for crypto info.
13/09/21: Range of years for annual reports to get multi-year output, ASX in code guide, SGX added to real-time.
30/08/21: 30+ years of quarterly reports added
28/08/21: 1000+ new cryptocurrencies added! Both real-time and historical data.
23/08/21: ASX stocks added, both real-time and historical data
14/08/21: New time series metric selection and formatting options
04/08/21: Added historical price datatype (daily stock and crypto data from any date in last 30+ years), added single cell output for ratings totals
05/07/21: Added analyst stock ratings detailed data (per broker)
04/07/21:  Added analyst stock ratings(consensus data) 
01/07/21: Added all market indices (INDEX) to searchable information
16/06/21: Additional company info data, new company growth data, refresh real-time button to force reload real time information
13/06/21: Volume sparklines
12/06/21: Default return for SF([code]), Code Guide click enter to active cell, improved error handling
10/06/21: Core function name change SF(), security improvements 
09/06/21: Added FOREX, foreign exchange now available in real time
06/06/21: "all" option for Historical Financials, time series formatting



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SheetsFinance (This add-on) and its authors are not responsible for any trading loss incurred by following the data returned. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice.
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