Real-time & historical price data, 30+ years of fundamentals, 80,000+ stocks, ETF, FOREX, crypto, indexes & more. Build investing dashboards, portfolio trackers, stock screeners, and valuations.
Listing updated:June 21, 2024
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SheetsFinance connects Google Sheets™️ to a huge network of global market data allowing you to build powerful investing dashboards on your own. We have over 80,000 stocks, ETFs, FOREX, cryptocurrencies, bonds, mutual funds and indices with real-time stock prices and over 30 years of historical price and fundamental financial data! 

*** Our new Stock Screener now lets you screen our enormous database of global financial assets by a series of filters directly from your spreadsheet ***

📔 Pre-built Templates:

➤ Use our function generator to access our data with no programming skills or fancy formulas required

➤ No personal or payment details are needed to trial, get started immediately after installation, free for 15 days

➤ Unlimited data requests for only $8.20/month! [ONE TIER FOR FULL, UNLIMITED ACCESS]

➤ Batch function calls, access data on hundreds of companies at once!

➤ Built-in Stock Screener for searching and filtering ALL our available financial assets.

✔ 30 + years of all Historical Financials (Annual and Quarterly)
Income statement
Balance sheet
Cash flow 
Key financial ratios

✔ Real-time price quotes for stocks, ETFs, Crypto, FOREX, Indices, Mutual Funds and more…
Previous Close
Day High
Day Low

✔ Key Company Information
EPS ttm 
Average volume
Market Cap
Year High
Year Low
50 Day Moving Average
200 Day Moving Average
Full time employees
…and much more

✔ Daily data from any date for 30+ years
Adjusted Close
Unadjusted Volume
Market Cap

✔ 50+ financial ratios for 30+ years
Gross and Net Profit Margin
Debt Ratio
Per share statistics
Price to Book/Sales/Earnings
Dividend Payout Ratio
Current/Quick/Cash Ratio
...and much much more

✔ Price change data
1D, 5D, 1M, 3M, 6M, YTD, 1Y, 3Y, 5Y and 10Y

✔ 30+ years of historical dividend data

✔ ETF Data
ETF details - NAV, AUM, Expense ratio
ETF holdings - by weight, absolute value and more..
ETF sector exposure breakdowns

✔ Options
Generate entire chains or specific contracts
Expiration dates lists

✔ Technical Analysis
SMA, EMA, WMA, DEMA, TEMA, Williams %R, RSI, ADX and Std. Dev
Generate from daily down to 1 min technical lines

✔ Analyst Stock Data
10 years of analyst rating data
3 years of analyst consensus data (rating totals)
Buy, Sell, Hold, Strong Buy, Strong Sell
2 years of price targets data
Filterable by date, type and analyst

✔ 100+ real time Foreign Exchange (FOREX) ratios
...and much more

✔ Historical Price Data (time series) generation
Historical daily 30+ years!
Intraday 1min
Intraday 5min
Intraday 30min
Intraday 1hr

✔ Simple Sparklines
lastXdays price performance
lasXdays volume

✔ CIK and CUSIP Number Mapper
Simply map from CIK and CUSIP numbers to stock ticker symbols.

✔ Huge, growing network of financial data
Saudi Stock Exchange
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Nasdaq Copenhagen
… and much more



➤ Real-time (to the second) price:


➤ Real-time (to the second) FOREX rate:


➤ Pre/Post Market Data:

=SF("AAPL", "prePostMarket")

➤ Earnings data:

=SF("AAPL", "earnings")

➤ Annual income statements from 2012 to 2022:

=SF("AAPL", "historicalfinancialsIncome", "all", "2012-2022")

➤ Q4 balance sheet from 2021:

=SF("AAPL", "historicalfinancialsBalanceQ4", "all", "2021")

➤ Closing price on 25th April 2022:

=SF("AAPL", "historical", "close", "2022-04-25")

➤ ROE from 2020:

=SF("AAPL", "ratios", "roe", "2020")

➤ EPS Growth (year-on-year) in 2022:

=SF("AAPL", "growth", "epsgrowth", "2022")

➤ Historical price data from 2012 to now: 

=SF_TIMESERIES("AAPL", "2012-01-01", TODAY())

➤ Intraday data, 1-minute intervals:

=SF_TIMESERIES("AAPL",  "", "", "1min")

➤ Options data:

=SF_OPTIONS("AAPL", "calls", "all", "2024-01-20")

➤ Options data (direct contract symbols):


➤ Historical dividend data:


➤ Institutional Holders (ordered by number of shares)

=SF("AAPL","instHolders","all", "", "ob=shares")

➤ ETF Holdings:


➤ ETF Detailed Info:

=SF("SPY", "etfInfo")

➤ ETF Sector Breakdowns:

=SF("SPY", "etfSectors")

➤ Analyst Price Targets:


➤ Price Change:


➤ Technical Analysis – SMA 20 over the last 100 days:

=SF_TECHNICAL("AAPL", "20sma&all", "daily", TODAY()-100, TODAY())

➤ All historical analyst stock ratings:

=SF("AAPL", "ratings")

➤ Analyst re-rates in most recent year:

=SF("AAPL", "analysts")




Below is a summary of releases, see the Change Log ( in our online documentation for more details on all feature releases.

04/04/2024: New ESG and Owners Earnings functions, Analyst Ratings function updated, historical market cap output range increased to 5 years, New 'Clear Cache' tool, major speed and memory optimisation improvements.
20/03/2024: Technical Analysis extended to 20+ years for daily and inter-day data. Bug fixing.
06/03/2024: New "mid" metric for SF_OPTIONS(), updated ROIC calculation.
28/02/2024: Increased batch calls to 2000 symbols at once, new quarterly estimates data, new reversing year ordering for financials, ratios, growth and estimates, new metric chaining for historical financials, new inter-day time-series periods, new "sum" option for Historical TTM values, Pre/Post market data operates under batch.
16/02/2024: Refresh for options data, new asset additions, bug fixing.
06/12/2023: New Earnings function for EPS and Revenue estimate and actual, new ETF country weighting function.
08/11/2023: New SF_TECHNICAL inter-day periods. Ordering and limiting for SF_OPTIONS.
26/10/2023: New Pre and Post Market Data, Intra-day time-series now 20+ years of historical data, batch calls increased to 500.
02/10/2023: All new company growth quarterly data, multi-year company growth data dumps, and company growth data metric chaining. 
20/09/2023: Horizontal batch outputs, added new financial ratios, multi-year outputs left-padded for pre-IPO years to ensure statements align.
13/09/2023: All new quarterly ratio data, multi-year ratios, and ratio metric chaining.
4/08/2023: Ordering of chained metrics dictates order of output. 
2/08/2023: New chaining of metrics for "realTime" and "companyInfo" functions, chaining of metrics for batch functions, fixed timezone bug.
16/07/2023: New Stock Screener sidebar and SF_SCREEN() function, bug fixing, now over 60,000 financial assets available, new order by feature for organising data.
12/07/2023: Added institutional holders, added new crypto, added refresh errors feature
27/06/2023: Increased batch data pulls to 300 simultaneous items. Added "max" as option to "change" data type. Caching optimisations.
9/06/2023: Added detailed ETF Info function and ETF Sectors function. Added Company Earnings Announcements.
24/05/2023: New in-built Function Generator and Code Guide. New data for companyInfo and for historical balance sheet.
10/05/2023: Added ETF Holdings, fixed analysts data, better date formatting
06/04/2023: Direct SEC links, speed increases
26/02/2023: Direct options contract searching, ttm cash flow statements, multi-year quarterly statement dump, new stocks
12/03/23: Updated function generator.
10/02/23: Speed improvements, increased rate limits and data delivery optimisation.
08/01/23: New stocks, ASX now available in batch requests
29/11/2022: Added CIK/CUSIP mapper, added technical analysis function, added price change function, added historical market cap. Bug fixing. Hundreds of new stocks. Optimisation of user authentication system.
01/08/2022: Added "priceTargets" data type for analyst price target information. Enabled batch functionality for "companyInfo" data type. Large addition of stocks, privacy improvements and bug fixing.
16/06/2022: Added "estimates" data type for analyst earnings forecasts, bug fix and optimisation for refresh all and refresh real-time.
9/06/2022: Bug fix for ttm data, addition of new stocks and crypto (over 50k now available!), improvements to function generator.
17/03/2022: Options chains, historical dividend data, company peers, improved formatting options for data, addition of new stocks, inclusion of adjusted close and unadjusted volume to time-series.
03/02/2022: Major server upgrades, improved loading times, optimised Google request usage.
28/01/2022: New crypto and stocks, ttm available for all historical financials, isin numbers, bug fixing.
9/11/21: New alt coins added, new historical TTM functionality, performance improvements and bug fixing.
23/09/21: Added TTM data for all companies, bug fix for ASX sparklines, bug fix for crypto info.
13/09/21: Range of years for annual reports to get multi-year output, ASX in code guide, SGX added to real-time.
30/08/21: 30+ years of quarterly reports added
28/08/21: 1000+ new cryptocurrencies added! Both real-time and historical data.
23/08/21: ASX stocks added, both real-time and historical data
14/08/21: New time series metric selection and formatting options
04/08/21: Added historical price datatype (daily stock and crypto data from any date in last 30+ years), added single cell output for ratings totals
05/07/21: Added analyst stock ratings detailed data (per broker)
04/07/21:  Added analyst stock ratings(consensus data) 
01/07/21: Added all market indices (INDEX) to searchable information
16/06/21: Additional company info data, new company growth data, refresh real-time button to force reload real time information
13/06/21: Volume sparklines
12/06/21: Default return for SF([code]), Code Guide click enter to active cell, improved error handling
10/06/21: Core function name change SF(), security improvements 
09/06/21: Added FOREX, foreign exchange now available in real time
06/06/21: "all" option for Historical Financials, time series formatting



SheetsFinance (This add-on) and its authors are not responsible for any trading loss incurred by following the data returned. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice.
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Profile Picture
Tom Schlebusch
June 3, 2024
SheetsFinance has been a game changer in our pipline. The data is up to date, easy to access via Google Sheets and there are many functions we use, that help our analysts get the answers they need- quickly and efficiently. As a quantitative analyst, I have access to all the major markets that we look as well as price, as well as fundamental data. What has impressed me most however is the speed at which the help centre gets back to one, and how fast any requests or issues are solved. This is really awesome and exceeds by far what many of the larger data vendors with their big budgets are able to do. Kudos to David and the team !! This is super helpfull. Lastly as a small startup, we are extremely sensitive to costs. SheetsFinance is a much more cost effective way of getting access to market data an has been a game changer for us.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
June 3, 2024
I rarely subscribe to pay services but this one is very valuable to me! I’m a long time investor and experienced options trader with a collection of complex spreadsheets used to assist with my analyses. SheetsFinance has greatly simplified my analysis tools by replacing clunky XML scripts and HTML screen scrapes with fast, simple to use functions and tools. As important, the help documentation is outstanding and easy to use. Finally, the support has been incredible with quick, friendly and meaningful answers to all of my calls for help. I’ve explored a number of competitive services and I’m convinced I made the right choice!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
John Ewing
March 13, 2024
With SheetsFinance I've been able to fulfill my dream of creating a portfolio management tool that uses real time data to best position available capital in light of valuations, expected income flows and existing positions. The SheetsFinance team has been extremely helpful and timely in helping me to get up to speed and in responding to requests to support new tickers. Bottom line: SheetsFinance has made me money by enabling my decision making with the requisite variety to make effective and timely decisions.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Alexander Maisel
May 5, 2024
Having searched the web for what seems like an eternity, I finally found SheetsFinance. It is by far the best, most responsive and most well-documented tool for all my investment and analysis needs that I have found. I faced a few issues/challenges in the beginning and the SheetsFinance team have been exceptional in their responsiveness and speed of resolution - can't rate them highly enough! Keep up the good work
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Arman K
January 14, 2024
In one word it is an Exceptional Tool for Financial Tracking! I've been using SheetsFinance for a while now and I'm thoroughly impressed! The ease of use is unparalleled, making it a breeze to track my stocks and their financial information. The data bank is comprehensive and up-to-date, providing me with all the information I need at my fingertips. What sets SheetsFinance apart is its extensive help documents. They are well-structured and informative, making it easy for anyone to get started and navigate through the platform. The templates provided are also incredibly helpful and intuitive, simplifying the process of financial tracking. The speed of the platform is another aspect worth mentioning. It's fast, efficient, and ensures a smooth user experience. I would highly recommend SheetsFinance to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient tool for managing their financial portfolio. It's a 5-star product in my book! Keep up the great work, SheetsFinance team!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Attila Pásti
December 14, 2023
I was looking for something that can replace Google's GOOGLEFINANCE function and I am happy that I found this tool. I like that there is a Discord server where you can discuss formula tips or ask for new features directly from the developer, who quickly responds to all questions. All this for a very affordable fee that I am happy to pay for this helpful tool. The only impovement area could be the performance, it loads data slowly.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
ZQ Ong
September 21, 2023
SheetsFinance is probably the best Excel add-in one can find for markets data. Democratizes access to pro tools with excellent coverage breadth that continues to grow. Customer support is helpful and responsive. Solid documentation too. Lastly, the pace of product improvement in terms of features or new data coverage is excellent. This vastly improves the value one gets out of the subscription. Can't recommend this enough.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Robert Bedard
May 22, 2024
I have been searching for historical data that also included the VWAP. SheetsFinance has all of the historical data and even some other items that I had not even expected! I am really looking forward to learning how to use this tool in more detail and start using it to make some money!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
John Scarlett
November 29, 2023
The interface seems relatively straight forward and powerful . Not easy but the biggest challenge is the understanding the required financial terms.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Steve Hampton
February 11, 2024
This is by far the most impressive tool I've used to do stock analysis as a retail investor. I've spend 100s of hours using dozens of online tools. They all have some sort of benefit, but I've always come back to the idea that it would be much better if I could just access the raw data and then chop it up however I need to to uncover insights about the companies. I finally found a means to do that, and imo it is done in the smartest way possible. Genuinely this is a massive value and an incredibly powerful implementation of what I've been hoping for for so long. Incredible work! Thank you.
Is this review helpful?
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