SheetsToDo is a free Google Sheets add-on that empowers you to declutter your to-do lists and enhance your productivity.
Listing updated:April 24, 2023
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SheetsToDo is a free Google Sheets add-on that empowers you to declutter your to-do lists and enhance your productivity. 

1. Click the "Install" button at the top of this page to install SheetsToDo.
2. Add SheetsToDo to a any sheet  in Google Sheets by selecting "Extensions" > "SheetsToDo" > "Init Tab."
3. Start managing your to-do list and take advantage of the features listed below.

PRICING: Completely free

1. Check the box to complete and hide a task: When you mark a task as completed, SheetsToDo automatically hides it from view, reducing visual clutter and helping you stay focused on the remaining tasks.

2. Type a follow-up date to hide the task. The task will reappear on the follow-up date. This feature is useful for tasks that require periodic completion, need a follow-up, or are not urgent.

3. Type “2 days” in the checkBox: SheetsToDo will calculate the date 2 days from now and the task will reappear in 2 days.

4. Type any single letter in the left column to bring back the checkbox.

5. Select “Show All” from the menu to unhide all tasks and review and search through them.

6. Select 'Show Active' to view only tasks that are currently active and hide any tasks that have been completed or have future follow-up date.

7. Select “Uncheck All” from the addon menu to reuse the list in its original order and manage recurring tasks easily.

8. Add custom columns to the Google sheet to include notes, links, or any other relevant information that you may need to complete a task.

9. Use it on your phone. The menu on cell A1 is designed to work on mobile Google Sheet applications, ensuring that you can access your to-do lists on the go and stay productive.

10. Share the task list with viewers and editors by using Google Sheets built-in share features. This is especially useful for groups who need to collaborate on tasks and stay on the same page.

11. All familiar google sheet features are also available, such as the ability to reorder tasks by dragging and dropping the corresponding rows.

Whether you need to manage personal or professional tasks, SheetsToDo is a must-have for anyone looking to declutter their to-do list and achieve their goals. So go ahead and give it a try!

March 2023 - First Release
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Eden Weizman
May 9, 2023
Slotted smoothly into my workflow, which already uses Google Sheets. Helpful.
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Aditya Rai
March 15, 2023
useful tool
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