Sign documents, request signatures, and sign agreements directly from Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Gmail with Signeasy's unified app for Google Workspace.
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Try it free! eSign capabilities directly integrated with Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Drive. 

Sign yourself or send for others to sign documents with just a few clicks.

Sign email attachments and send them back without ever leaving Gmail.

Write, collaborate, sign and send documents out for signature from Google Docs, no uploading required.

Fill in spreadsheet-based documents, then request approvals and signatures without ever leaving Google Sheets.

Send reminders for open signature requests or download signed documents without leaving Google apps.

eSignatures have never been easier. Anyone can sign documents electronically from any browser on any device.

Signeasy’s secure, legally binding, device-and-browser-agnostic eSignature software will help you get important documents executed in minutes, not hours or days. The Google Workspace integration from Signeasy helps you do all of that in one place. 

What's more, you can now access the recent documents on your Signeasy account via the new Dashboard experience on Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive!

New to Signeasy? Get started in minutes with a free account; upgrade later for as low as $10/mo.

Key Benefits
-Legally binding and secure.
-No more paper, no more uploads/downloads.
-Reduce turnaround time.
-Say goodbye to fax or the print-and-scan exercise. 
-Keep your business moving efficiently while staying remote and safe.

About Signeasy
Signeasy is the easiest way to sign documents and request others' signatures from anywhere. With over 10 million users across 180 countries around the globe, Signeasy has been a leader in the eSignature industry for over 10 years and running.
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Consulter, modifier, créer et supprimer tous vos documents Google Docs
Afficher et gérer les documents dans lesquels cette application a été installée
Afficher, modifier, créer et supprimer des fichiers dans Google Drive
Consulter les données de base sur les dossiers ou fichiers Google Drive que vous sélectionnez
Consulter, modifier, créer et supprimer uniquement les fichiers Google Drive spécifiques que vous utilisez avec cette application
Afficher et télécharger tous vos fichiers dans Google Drive
Consulter, modifier, créer et supprimer toutes vos feuilles de calcul Google Sheets
Afficher et gérer les feuilles de calcul dans lesquelles cette application a été installée
Gérer les brouillons et envoyer des e-mails lors de vos interactions avec le module complémentaire
Afficher vos e-mails lorsque le module complémentaire est en cours d'exécution
Exécuter en tant que module complémentaire Gmail
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Autoriser l'exécution de cette application en votre absence
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Consulter vos informations personnelles, y compris celles que vous avez choisi de rendre disponibles publiquement
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Ayissi Joachim
14 octobre 2023
Thank l very in programme Agency Partners Program I come to your high benevolence to send you my application. Indeed, after my academic career sanctioned by a bachelor's degree in rural development, development planning orientation, I work as provincial coordinator of a national NGO dedicated to agricultural development aimed at improving the living conditions of the poor population. . Son of a farmer and coupled with experience in supporting rural communities, apart from my training in rural development orientation Regional planning, and volunteering, for years, I have been involved in actions I would like to continue my duties if I find a reliable partner to help me in perfect collaboration I like this work and continue to do it you other proposal will be welcome
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‫نورالدين ”نورالدين المحفوضي“ المحفوضي‬‎
26 janvier 2021
Vous pouvez finaliser votre demande en répondant à ces quelques questions. Grâce à vos réponses, les administrateurs pourront plus facilement évaluer votre demande d’adhésion au groupe.
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Kebis Elber Tamba
26 avril 2021
Je la trouve parfaite.
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Marie Paule Gérard Hoernel
15 décembre 2020
merci beaucoup, c'est parfait
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Un utilisateur de Signeasy eSignatures for Google Workspace
22 mai 2019
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