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Simple Recruitment Manager


Are you a recruiter ? Are you struggling with managing 100s of Candidate Profiles in a day ? Do you find it hard to manage different stages in recruitment process ? Are you confused about how to manage your customers in a simple and neat way ? 

If you are then we have a Add-on just for you, “Simple Recruitment Manager”. Yeah, it makes everything simple. It’s an answer to all of the above questions. Manage candidate profiles and your customers hassle free with just two clicks.

Want more? Well, how about you can track your monthly and yearly progress? Your know like how many candidates got selected, How many jobs you served in a month, what is your selection ratio… With Simple Recruitment Manager you can do all this without breaking a sweat.

Here are some of the features of Simple Recruitment Manager - 

1. Manage Separate Google Calendar for each of your customer.Keep things clean.

2. Seamlessly collaborate with customer hiring teams and candidates, by  managing    

     just 2 fields in Google sheets. 

3. Stay ahead with Calendar alerts, tasks and notifications

4. Dive into a history view  with a holistic view of candidate activity

5. Track your candidate selections in analytics
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