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Simpplr is reinventing the company intranet. Simpplr simplifies employee communications and breaks traditional intranet barriers to enable organizational alignment across teams, employees, and leaders. Simpplr's solution has helped organizations reduce operational costs, increase employee productivity, adapt to workplace change, and foster company culture.

Because Simpplr is purpose-built with today's digital workplace in mind, Simpplr deploys 4x faster than industry standard, integrates with best-in-class enterprise applications, minimizes technical dependencies, and personalizes the employee experience. Simpplr's award-winning UI makes administration effortless and gives employees a single source of truth to access critical news, information, and experts. 

Simpplr's out-of-the-box integration with Google Workspace.

Simpplr seamlessly integrates with the Google Workspace, simplifying your digital workplace. From enhancing the native search in Google Shared Drive or My Drive, to calendaring with Google Calendar, and collaboration with GSuite, Simpplr centralizes your day-to-day all in one location. 

Simpplr integrates with:
• Google Sites
• Google Shared/My Drive
• Google SSO and user data sync
• Google Calendar
• Google Mobile Management (MDM) for branded mobile apps

About Simpplr
Simpplr partners with leading brands, including FOX, AAA, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, DocuSign, Eurostar, and Coursera. Our customers are improving productivity, increasing employee engagement, and reducing employee turnover. More importantly, the improved internal communication is helping employees find work meaningful and fulfilling.
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