How close is your spreadsheet to the 10m cell Google Sheet limit? Use this add-on to show how much you’ve used.
Listing updated:May 10, 2022
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Have a lot of data, empty cells, or complex formulas in your Google Sheet? You might notice that your sheet is running slow. This Tiller Community-built add-on can help you figure out how close you are to hitting the 10 million cell limit in your Google Sheets and whether you need to clean up empty cells or reduce the size of your data set, which can cause performance slow downs with Google Sheets. 

This is especially true when you start adding additional Tiller Community-built solutions to help with debt planning, budgeting, savings goals, or tracking your net worth. Plus, multiple years of daily spending transactions and balances from all your bank accounts automated into your Google Sheets from Tiller will eventually start to increase the size of your Google Sheet. 

The Size My Sheet add-on also allows you to insert a function within your sheet to retrieve the number of cells used or the percent used of the cell maximum that Google has set. It’s useful if you’d like to see these numbers in cells on the sheet rather than using the gauge in the sidebar.

To use this feature simply type one of the functions below into an empty cell of a Google Sheet with the Size My Sheet add-on installed. 

Retrieve the number of cells used:

Retrieve the percentage used:

Size My Sheet is a solution built and supported by the Tiller Community. Tiller is the fastest, easiest way to manage your financial life with the flexibility of Google Sheets. 
That’s because Tiller updates Google Sheets with your latest spending, balances, and transactions from over 21,000 banks each day. No more tedious data entry, CSV files, or logging into multiple accounts. 
With Tiller updating your finances in one place, you can always know where your money goes, control your spending and cash flow, save more, and confidently plan your financial future.

The Tiller Community is a vibrant and inclusive space to share with and learn from other Tiller customers and spreadsheet enthusiasts. 
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