Simple add-on to generate beautiful material backgrounds for your presentation
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Easily generate beautiful material backgrounds for your Google Slides presentations with 16 different color themes and further detailed options. Simply install, run, select your favorite color theme and click Generate to instantly create unique backgrounds for your presentation!

WAVES WAVES WAVES! Our newest feature expands Slides Background's material repertoire with a more organic feel. Create smooth waves lapping at the shores of your slides using our latest update! This new feature hands you more control with custom adjustments for Waviness, Slope, and Distance, as well as custom colors! Our color picker works in modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. We also heard your reviews and created a fresh, clean UI that's easier than ever to use! Drop us a rating and let us know what you want to see next :)

Slides Background not installing or not inserting the image onto Slides?
This is a well-known bug Google is working to fix. See for details. A workaround for this is to log out of all Google accounts and then log back in to the one Google account you want to use for Slides Background. You can also open an incognito window, log in, and use Slides Backgrounds from there. Be sure that your account has permission to install add-ons as well as permission to edit the presentation. Thanks for your patience!

Note that each background takes about 2-3 seconds to load onto the slide. We are currently working to speed up this process. Slides Background has been tested to work on Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi. Please visit our help page at for a detailed usage guide. For further support, email us at or fill out a bug report.

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Check out our demo on our website here:

UPDATE 2/10/2021 - Added Waves feature! Options menu user interface update to streamline usage.
UPDATE 10/29/2020 - New website! Updated the links. Doshy is working on releasing a major update soon!
UPDATE 5/15/2020 - Added new Hexagons feature! Slides Background can now generate HEXAGON TESSELLATIONS for your presentation! New features include custom options for hexagon size and color noise (the amount of variation for each hexagon from the color theme). On the Options menu, select the Hexagons button to try out this new feature! See our screenshots above for examples. We hope you like it!
UPDATE 5/14/2020 - We fixed some major bugs that caused the generated image to not load onto the Slides presentation. We also added alerts to notify the user so Slides Background runs more smoothly.
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