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Create Google Slides presentations automatically based on any individual created presentation template and Google Sheets content like texts, links, images and Charts.
The Google Slides Creator add-on from apps experts features a presentation merge function for Google Slides! Create custom Google presentation templates as a Google Slide and maintain personalized content, such as customer master data, price information and addresses in Google Sheets. Create marketing oder customer specific slides with indvidiual images, links or charts, like monthly KPI or Reporting diagrams, based on any Google Docs Slides presentation as template. 

Supported Languages: 
- English
- German

Use Cases:
- Create many similar Google Slides presentations based on a Google Slides template and store in Google Drive your Slides.
- Merge individual customer or employee master data in your presentation automatically.
- Create marketing or customer specific slides with individual images and links.
- Insert your monthly KPI- or Reporting-Charts automatically into your slides. 

- Update customer or company specific values automatically.
- Reduce maintenance and update efforts because data is only maintained once in your sheet
- Individualize your Google Slide presentation automatically with any text content and links to documents or any other URL.
- Refer dynamically to images or Google Sheet based charts and insert them into your Google Docs presentation.   
- NEW: Google Team Drives integration!

Quick Start:
1. If you have installed Slides Creator add-on correctly just open a spreadsheet and check for menu item Add-ons → Slides Creator
2. Maintain your content, links and refer to images or charts in your spreadsheet. Make sure to define column header in row 1 of your Google Sheet. Later you can refer to them by using column headers as placeholder. Example: Name, Address, Jobtitle, ...
3. Create or change a Google Slides presentation in your Google Drive storage. To use it as template presentation just refer in text element or text based shapes to your content by using placeholders based on your defined column headers wrapped by a %-Symbol at the beginning and end. Example: %Name%, %Address%, %Jobtitle%,...
4. Create presentations based on your selected presentation template by starting one of the following menu items: 
- Merge selected rows
- Merge all rows
- Merge selected rows for printing
- Merge all rows for printing

When using the add-on for the first time you are asked to select a presentation that is used as template for creation of your Google Slides presentations. You can change the chosen Google Drive Slide at any time over Settings menu item. 
5. After creation of your presentations in your Drive storage a link is automatically created in your Google Sheet in column “Protocol Slides Creator”, so you can open the new created presentations directly. 

For further information please follow this link:

Slides Creator is a popular slides merge add-on available in the Google Workspace Marketplace and an alternative to Add-ons like Autocrat by New Visions Cloudlab, Document Studio by Digital Inspiration and Merge Factory  by PCAdd-ons.

Some Add-on features are only available in our premium version of Slides Creator Add-on. By using Free-Version of the add-on you can create up to 25 Google Docs Slides presentations per Day with a maximum of 10 Slides in your presentation template. By using one of our premium versions you can also filter your datasets based on conditions, create presentations in Google Doc presentation or PDF format and send them directly via email.
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