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Run and re-run your Slight apps from Sheets™. Bring the data to you.
Listing updated:February 20, 2023
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Run your Slight apps from Google Sheets™.

Slight's App Runner for Sheets™ lets you run and re-run your Slight apps without having to go back to Slight, and drag CSVs around. Edit the app variables, and just bring the data to you.

►Starting from Slight

This add-on works with Sheets™ that you create from your Slight account. After running an app, click the "Create Google Sheet" button to generate a spreadsheet with the app results. You'll get three sheets:

1. The "Data" sheet, containing the data you just ran in the app.
2. The "Variables and Input" sheet (unless the app doesn't have any), showing you all the information about the app's variables. This is the sheet we'll edit to re-run the app.
3. The "App and Run Info" sheet. This shows overall information about the app, including a link back to it. It also records all your runs within this spreadsheet.

►Add-On Overview

The primary use-case of this add-on is to allow you to re-run the app after this initial run. You'll need to sign-in to your Slight account: in the add-on menu, click "Sign in to Slight". This will open a side-bar, linking to the log in page for Slight. If you've recently logged in, this will be very quick.

From there, you can optionally edit the variable values: edit the "Value" column (column B) and optionally the "Bind" column (column C) in the "Variables and Input" sheet. For example if the app takes a min and max date, you can change them here to a different range.

Once you've got the values the way you want them, it's time to run your app. You have three choices:
- Overwrite the "Data" sheet: use this if you don't need or have already saved a copy of the data sheet as it was before. This is especially useful if you already have some analyses in other sheets built on this data: now your analysis will automatically update.
- Create a new data tab/sheet: if you want to keep the original data sheet, it's good to avoid overwriting it. You can generate many sheets, and make e.g. comparisons.
- Overwrite the "Data" sheet, and create a copy. Similar to the first option, but now we also get a copy right away. Useful if you do indeed want to re-use some analyses, but you want the option of coming back to this data later if the main "Data" sheet gets overwritten.

These correspond to the first three options in the add-on menu.

►Re-using Values

There's one remaining menu option: "Use variable values from prior run". 

We store all runs, along with what variable values are used, in the "App and Run Info" sheet. You may decide one of your older runs had a good set of variable values, and you want to re-run with those exactly, or just some values very close to them. It's annoying to copy-paste, especially if there are many. So instead, you can select the row (or a cell within the row) and click the "Use variable values from prior run" item. This will fill in the "Variables and Inputs" sheet (in columns "Value" and "Bind", B and C) with these values. Note that the bind is stored as a note in the "App and Run Info" sheet.


If anyone goes wrong, please contact us at and we'll assist you as soon as we can.
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