Add snippets of relevant content your team found online - stats, quotes, and industry trends & where they came from. With one Click. Capture snippets of docs to share with others with link back to doc.
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The easiest way to collect, recall and discover snippets of relevant content.  All with one click insert to docs.  Build stronger content faster, today.

The Problem: We spend over 9 hours every week - on average - searching and gathering information.

The Solution: Sorc'd
We provide an easy way to organize, recall and discover snippets of relevant content. Within our business platform, teams can save small, digestible pieces of information they find interesting to a private cloud-based environment. While as an individual it creates an extremely quick and effective way to save useful information and cite it later, as a team of individual users it creates a repository of invaluable information shared by peers, managers, executives, and subject matter experts. We're breaking down the information silos that inhibit growth.

Sorc'd for Docs provides an easy way to add relevant snippets and source links with one click. Create better content, faster, with Sorc'd.

After creating your Sorc'd account and snipping your research with the chrome extension.  You can now filter, view, and insert relevant snippets and source links with out ever leaving the doc you are creating.  You can even snip from the document pushing content out to Sorc'd for the rest of the team to share in your great knowledge.   Anyone with access to the google doc will also have a direct link to the source doc.
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Barry Brewer
July 12, 2017
Sorc'd for Docs is great. I have used it to build a database of information that I use repeatedly inside of docs. Big shout out to their support staff (particularly BG!) super responsive and helpful! I haven't started using the Chrome extension yet, but I think that it'll integrate nicely.
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A User of Sorc'd for Docs 1.3
March 14, 2016
This add-on helps me clear my mind and allow me to concentrate on what I'm trying to get across, not on where I saw a stat or a quote that would support my writing. Install the Chrome extension to make "snipping" much faster. Hoping to get my clients on board too, since they read more industry news than me.
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A User of Sorc'd for Docs 1.3
April 11, 2016
If you haven't used add-ons before, simply install Sorc'd for Google Docs or Sheets and then open a new document and go to ADD-ONS and click on Sorc'd. A task pane will appear in the right-hand side for you to add or export snippets from or to. To optimize your use of Sorc'd; 1) Sign up for an account here:, and 2) install the Chrome Extension for easy in-browser clipping here: Little bit of set-up on the front end, but the suite of tools will save you tons of time on the backend. Keep on keeping on!
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