SaaS Security Posture Management, SaaS DLP, SaaS Ransomware Detection & Response, SaaS Backup - all in one SaaS Security Platform for Google Workspace™
Listing updated:January 24, 2024
SpinOne (formerly known as Spinbackup) is an all-in-one, SaaS security platform that protects SaaS data for mission-critical SaaS applications, including Google Workplace™ (formerly known as G Suite), Microsoft 365, Salesforce and Slack, by delivering full visibility and fast incident response. It eliminates fundamental security and management challenges associated with protecting SaaS data by reducing the risk of data leak and data loss, saving time for SecOps teams through automation, reducing downtime and recovery costs from ransomware attacks, and improving compliance. 

The SpinOne platform includes the following solutions:

SaaS Security Posture Management - SSPM – Offers monitoring, detection and remediation for misconfigurations while also providing inventory and risk assessment of unsanctioned third-party apps and extensions. This reduces security and compliance risks while minimizing manual workloads. SpinOne provides full visibility and control over SaaS apps, Cloud apps, Mobile apps, and browser extensions with OAuth access to collaboration tools. SpinOne has assessed 300,000+ apps and extensions through its AI-driven algorithms, reducing risk assessment time for organizations from months to seconds.

The Spin.AI Chrome Risk Assessment is a free version of SSPM, integrated with the Google Workspace™ Admin Console, that gives administrators increased visibility into browser extensions detected across the Chrome ecosystem and allows SecOps teams to better assess business and security risks to their browser and SaaS data. 
SaaS Data Leak Prevention and Data Loss Protection - SaaS DLP – Mitigates unauthorized access to sensitive SaaS data with configurable access management and advanced reporting helping companies identify how employees share data inside or outside of the company. Recovers lost data in a matter of minutes or hours (instead of the typical weeks or months) with integrated, automated SaaS backup and rapid incident response.

SaaS Ransomware Detection and Response – SaaS RDR - Quickly detects and responds to in-progress ransomware attacks, minimizing downtime from an average of one month to up to 2 hours and preventing further encryption. Provides 24/7 ransomware monitoring and automated incident alerting, and can recover SaaS data in minutes, reducing recovery costs by 90%. This patented technology gives organizations the unique capability to limit files impacted and avoid throttling and API limits on recovery. 

SpinOne is developed by Spin.AI, a SaaS security company protecting enterprises against the risk of shadow IT, data leak and loss, ransomware, and non-compliance. Over 1,500 organizations worldwide use SpinOne to reduce downtime and recovery costs, improve compliance, and save time for SecOps teams.
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