Easily and quickly manage your group's expenses, regardless of who bought or who consumed them. SplitExpense puts you in charge.
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Running a household or when going on a group holiday, many expenses and purchases are shared between multiple people but paid only by a few. SplitExpense is an Add-on for Google Sheets to easily manage this.

With SplitExpense you can generate a Google Spreadsheet and share it with everybody. They can add what they have paid for and who the users are that consumed the items. The Add-on works out the consumed and paid totals and the balances for every person. This way you never have to worry about who paid what, just add it to the sheet and let SplitExpense show you.

Every User has a one letter symbol of your choosing associated with them. You record the consumers of an item with a list of their symbols. For example "MT" could mean "Mark" and "Tim" were the users. The '*' symbol is special and represents the whole group. The item's cost are split as ratios so "MMT" would mean that "Mark" pays 2/3rds and "Tim" one third. 

You can specify that users were only present for certain days by supplying date ranges in this format: yyyy-mm-dd~yyyy-mm-dd; 

Check out the help page for further information: https://sites.google.com/view/splitexpense/help 
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A User of SplitExpense
April 10, 2018
Brilliant add on for house shares or trips where you need to split expenses between multiple parties. Makes it super easy to work out who owes what - you can split items equally between people, only between certain members or even account for some people using more than others! Users can have a date range assigned to them so they won't pay for things they didn't use if they're coming and going, very handy, especially since you can add more people as they come without having to make a new spreadsheet. Nice that it's in a shareable spreadsheet - makes it easy to distribute between people and very transparent.
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April 14, 2022
Need a video tutorial on how to use this
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