SummarizeBot is an AI and blockchain powered multilingual summarization bot! It can extract the most relevant information, keywords and key phrases from: web-links, documents, audio, images with text
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SummarizeBot is AI and blockchain-powered summarization bot!
It can summarize any kind of information for you. It can summarize weblinks, documents, images, audio and more. Just share it with SummarizeBot to get your perfect summary in seconds. 
For businesses it structures unstructured data by creating a better version of it.
SummarizeBot uses the most groundbreaking technologies to provide you with the best summarization result on the market.

There are 3 ways to use SummarizeBot and it’s features:
1) by interacting (sharing links & files) directly with the bot;
2) by inviting the bot to the chat room (e.g: @SummarizeBot [url for processing]);
3) by typing "latest" or "news + subject" (in any language) and the bot will propose the latest news accordingly.


- Summary Generation
The better version of your information will be generated by extracting the most important parts of it.

- News Summaries
Get and summarize breaking news for the last 48h from over 50,000 sources. Just type "latest" or "news + subject" (in any language) and the bot will propose the latest news accordingly.  Example: news about Donald Trump (FR: nouvelles sur Donald Trump).

- Keywords Extraction
Enjoy the most important keywords, that allows you to understand in seconds what the content is about.

- Key Fragments List
Get to know more by going through the top extracted key fragments.

- Vary Summary Size
Choose your perfect summary size.

- Save Your Results
Download, save or share your summary for free.

What Makes Us Unique?

- It's FREE
- More than 100 languages supported
- AI, Blockchain and Machine Learning technologies used 
- Audio files summarization
- Image files summarization
- Various files' summarization supported
- Summarize almost any public weblink
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yahya mgdid muhamad
March 27, 2024
Members of society have been exposed to conflict, stress, and ways of life for many years due to the changes in it, represented by wars, destruction, social, economic and cultural changes and the developments in all values ​​and customs It has been on many areas of people’s lives. Daily exposure to these conflicts and hostile climate has affected the lives of individuals in general and university students in particular, in addition to a sense of uncertainty about individual goals in life, which resulted in students being part of this social structure cope with these changes, which led to feelings of anxiety, unhappiness, and poor coping skills. Orientation toward life, whether positive or negative, is a trait that reflects positive and negative expectations of events among individuals, and predicts an individual's coping with stress In their daily lives, individuals face a number of challenges in their external environment, which requires that they understand the nature of these challenges, and use various cognitive and emotional abilities to cope with and resolve them in a way that achieves proper psychological harmony There are things that individuals face in their lives, some of which they overcome and cannot cope with others. The events and changes that cause many conflicts in life direct the individual towards life, expectations and ways of dealing with these changes and events. As a result of the changes and problems of life and academic life in various areas of life that society is going through, which are increasing day by day, this requires equipping the individual with many skills that enable him to face challenges and solve future complications It makes us need deeper education to enable individuals to create original and new feelings that are adapted to changing society.
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Theone Karatassos
April 9, 2024
Seems not right... If I click on the privacy policy or the terms of service I get a 404 not found page. Neither link works. Aggravating to figure out where it installed too- still no clue. Uninstalling regardless. I don't trust it until I can read what it's getting/using from me.
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April 11, 2024
Great tool and idea!
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Mohammed Rasool Azeez
February 13, 2024
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Kelvin Njenga
February 28, 2024
how do i use it some one help uploaded doc but not able to get the summary.
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charvi bhasin
May 14, 2024
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Miladies SewingBasket
April 9, 2024
No idea where it installed.
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