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Supermetrics is the easiest way to move your marketing data into Google Sheets. In fact, over half a million marketers use Supermetrics and it’s the #1 marketing add-on for Google Sheets.
Just choose your data sources, select the metrics and dimensions you want, and set up scheduled refreshes without ever leaving Google Sheets. We support dozens of SEM, PPC, SEO, social and display advertising, performance marketing, web analytics, ecommerce, and payment platforms.

Here’s what you can do with Supermetrics for Google Sheets:

– Connect to +50 of your favorite marketing platforms, such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Insights, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and many more
– Get any metrics & dimensions you need — you’ll even find some that aren’t available in native platforms
– Work with clean and unsampled data that’s ready for analysis and reporting
– Build custom reports and dashboards and get them delivered directly to your inbox
– Set monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly refreshes and automate your marketing reporting
– Access 30+ free Google Sheets reports from our template gallery
– Escape copy/paste hell and spend your valuable time on analyzing data rather than collecting it

Try Supermetrics for free with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Supermetrics connects with the following platforms:
– Adform
– Adobe Analytics
– AdRoll
– Ahrefs
– Bing Services
– Bing Webmaster Tools
– CallRail
– Criteo
– Facebook Ads
– Facebook Audience Network
– Facebook Insights
– Facebook Public Data
– Google Ad Manager
– Google Ads
– Google AdSense
– Google Analytics
– Google BigQuery
– Google Campaign Manager
– Google Display & Video 360
– Google My Business
– Google Search Ads 360
– Google Search Console
– Google Sheets (easily move data from one sheet to another)
– HubSpot
– Instagram Insights
– Instagram Public Data
– LinkedIn Ads
– LinkedIn Company Pages
– Mailchimp
– Microsoft Advertising
– Moz
– Netvisor
– Optimizely
– Outbrain Amplify
– Pinterest Ads
– Pinterest Organic
– Pinterest Public Data
– Quora Ads
– Reddit Public Data
– Salesforce
– Searchmetrics
– SEMrush Analytics
– SEMrush Projects
– Shopify
– Snapchat Marketing
– Snowflake
– StackAdapt
– Stripe
– Taboola
– Tumblr Public Data
– Twitter Ads
– Twitter Premium
– Twitter Public Data
– Verizon Media DSP
– Verizon Media Native Ads
– Vimeo Public Data
– VKontakte Public Data
– Yandex.Direct
– Yandex.Metrica
– YouTube

Getting your digital marketing data into Google Sheets is easy with Supermetrics. Once it’s there via our API connector you can do all sorts of cool things from cross-channel reporting and ad-hoc analysis to data visualizations and funnel attribution models. The possibilities are limitless and if you like tools such as Adveronix, Zoho and Analytics Canvas then you’ll love Supermetrics.

To help you get started, visit our support forum for tutorials, guides, and FAQs at
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Jahanzaib Ahmad
November 23, 2020
that's seriously awersome and professional ad report platform
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Brandon Ward
November 9, 2020
Our team really enjoys Supermetrics for most of our Paid marketing reporting globally. It does take a bit of time getting up to speed with but once it's all connected and running properly it saves my team days of reporting every year. Very happy customer!
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Apolinar Ramos
November 7, 2020
thanks for a helpful automation tools
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Josiah Clagett
November 6, 2020
This is such a helpful tool for automation. It's saved me hundreds of hours.
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E. O.
October 28, 2020
If it works, than its OK. But if it doesn't work, nevertheless you have a commercial licence, in many cases you are lost. Tickets are on hold for months and months, waiting for developer answers, and everything you can do, is to search for workarounds or to re-arrange your plans to go around things, which don't work. Support is partly not able to answer simple answers, which don't need any development knowledge, but just a common sense. All in all - the bottleneck of this product is explicitly its support. If you have to accomplish simple, basic tasks, and you are sure, you'll don't need support - use it, it will save you much time. But if you plan to build on top of this product complicated workflows - be ready to break your deadlines.
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Jouni Hyötylä
November 2, 2020
Hi! Thank you very much for your feedback. I'd like to give you a hand with the support related cases that you mentioned. Could you please leave related ticket numbers in this thread? I'm personally responsible for our support and I am very sad to hear that we haven't been able to meet your expectations. Investigating these cases would be my pleasure if you're willing to give me a hand? Best regards, Jouni Hyötylä Head of Support, Supermetrics.
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Am Am
October 27, 2020
how can i report one instagram accoun
Is this review helpful?
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Jouni Hyötylä
November 2, 2020
Thanks for asking! Unfortunately I cannot give you links to help articles here, but if you go to Supermetrics support page, under "solutions" you can find getting started articles for both the Google Sheets product and Instagram Insights connectors. That's also the place where you can approach our support team. Best regards, Jouni Hyötylä, Head of Support, Supermetrics.
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utsav gupta
October 20, 2020
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Rachel Andren
October 13, 2020
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Keshav Rai
October 4, 2020
I like it. use for me.
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Itamar Dubrov
September 30, 2020
ן 🧡 Supermetrics
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