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Sutra Tools is a set of 25+ smart features that you miss most in Google Sheets™ . Each tool here is designed to make data processing easy for you.
Listing updated:September 21, 2022
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Sutra Tools provides some important features which you have been doing manually in your daily routine.

Sutra Tools can be used to fulfil many purposes.

Each tool here is designed to increase your productivity and make data processing easier for you.
All the tools will perform your tasks in SINGLE-CLICK or few clicks rather than writing formulas or complex scripts.

Here are some of the cool features

*** Index ***
-	Navigate to all sheets from single page

*** Manage Sheets ***
-	Delete Multiple/All sheets
-	Hide Multiple/All sheets
-	Unhide Multiple/All sheets
- 	Create Multiple sheets

*** Arrange Sheets Order ***

*** Clear Operation ***
-	Clear Formatting
-	Clear Values
-	Clear Dropdowns
-	Clear Notes

*** Highlight Duplicate Values ***

*** Highlight Duplicate Rows ***

*** Advance Highlight ***

*** Find & Highlight ***
-    Search & highlight any keywords/values within range/sheet/spreadsheet

*** Add Multiple Rows and Columns ***

*** Delete Empty Rows and Columns ***

*** Change Cases ***
•	Upper Case
•	Lower Case
•	Proper Case
•	Capitalize Each World
•	Toggle 


*** Change Sign ***
-	Positive
-	Negative
-	Inverse

*** Save Sheets/tabs As separate Google Spreadsheet™ ***

*** List Files from Drive Folder ***

*** Fill Empty Cells ***

*** Export Google Sheet™ to JSON***

Many more features coming soon...

Fully functional 7-Days trial period.

You can get your License key from here:

If you have any questions about the add-on, please reach out to us here:

We'll be happy to assist!
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Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
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