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An incredibly powerful collaboration tool to bring up your teamwork to another level!
Swit provides seamless workflows coupling chat and tasks in one convenient place. A powerful alternative for a heavy collection of single-function tools, it supports all features that Slack and Trello (or Asana) have—faster, better, and safer.
As the missing half of Google Workspace, Swit serves as the most ideal hub where you can collaborate with your colleagues while leveraging resources from Google. And this add-on makes it even easier to interact with Swit in two ways:
From Gmail/Drive/Calendar, you can handily share Google data to your Swit workspace:
● With a few clicks, you can share your Gmail messages, Drive files, and Calendar events to any Swit space.
● Once shared, all your collaborators will view them extremely effortlessly. Continue your conversation on the same page.
In Docs/Sheets/Slides, a well-packed mini Swit is now available:
● Without leaving the Google document you’re working on, you can use almost every Swit task feature, including task creation, assignment, status settings, and communication with collaborators in real time.
● Every single collaborating activity within Google document is also visible on the Swit platform, so you’ll see unimaginable interaction between those working on the document and those managing the project on Swit.
● This will surely make up for Google’s built-in comments that are handy but hardly trackable and manageable.
Enjoy your work and save your time with the perfect combination of Google Workspace and Swit!
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max Lim
December 14, 2020
great~! Loved it!!!
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