Automate reports in Sheets: connect Facebook Ads, Google Ads™, Google Analytics™, Shopify and more. Pull together multiple accounts, sync and analyze data with no code. Try it for free!
Listing updated:July 17, 2024
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SyncWith for Google Sheets™ automatically delivers information from all your marketing channels to a single place. Trusted by 100,000+ data-driven users.

SyncWith connects to all of your marketing sources including Facebook Ads, Google Ads™, Google Analytics™ (GA4), Shopify and many more, enabling you to build custom reports in Google Sheets™ in seconds.


▶ Popular Ad Networks
Connects to Facebook Ads, Google Ads™, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, Microsoft/Bing Ads, and more. Report on campaign performance and creative performance, monitor spend pacing across multiple clients and more.

▶ Analytics & SEO Sources
Integrates with Google Analytics™ (GA4) and Google Search Console™.
Report on website traffic, events, conversions, and integrate ad networks data with analytics. Monitor keywords, page rankings, impressions, and more.

▶ Extensive Shopify Reporting
Detailed sales reports by month, week, day, sales channel, product, and many more. 
Export orders, historical sales, refunds, and product data.
Current inventory by product, warehouse, or variant.

▶ Integrate Business Databases
Connects with MySQL, Postgres, BigQuery, and more.
Use custom SQL queries for internal data reporting.
Integrate business data with your marketing and analytics data.


1. Showcase each client’s performance and results with detailed client-specific reports.
2. Track your internal performance and report on all managed accounts simultaneously.

▶Advanced Customized Reporting 
Access hundreds of powerful dimensions to pivot and customize reports in numerous ways. Choose from thousands of metrics, including custom conversions and events. Metrics cover essentials like conversion rate, cost per conversion, clicks, installs, reach, purchases, and more.

▶All Your Reporting In One Place
SyncWith acts as your central hub for report creation. 
No more juggling multiple logins or tools.
Eliminate tedious data exports or copy-pasting tasks.
Avoid the hassle of learning various platforms.
Access all reports, instantly, at your fingertips.
Smoothly integrate data from sources like Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads™ dashboard.

▶Dazzle Your Clients with Seamless Sharing
Build reports and automatically share them with clients.
Reports stay updated in real-time, eliminating the need for manual updates.
No more monthly report-building, or email chains.
Harness the power of Google Sheets™ to include dynamic charts, graphs, and dashboards for client-friendly data visualization–and personalize reports with your logo, for a professional touch.


▶ Streamlined Reporting
Select the sources/channels you need, configure your preferred schedule, and watch as SyncWith takes care of the rest. With millions of reports processed daily on behalf of marketers, SyncWith boasts over 100,000 installations, earning it the honor of being the second most-reviewed reports integration offering on the Google Marketplace, with an impressive rating of 4.8⭐.

▶ Trusted by Digital Marketers Worldwide
Marketers, agencies, freelancers, and data analysts worldwide rely on SyncWith for its ease of use, reliability, and comprehensive features. Our pricing offers exceptional value, with competitive rates compared to other products such as Supermetrics, Coefficient, Coupler, PowerMyAnalytics, Adveronix, Superjoin, Stackit, Adformatic, KPIBees, Two Minute Reports, Porter Metrics and DataSlayer.

▶ Powering Your Data Insights
SyncWith's robust Google Sheets™ add-on enables you to import all your marketing data precisely when you need them. Begin with our free tier, offering up to 35 report refreshes per month, and as your needs evolve, explore our paid subscription tiers for unlimited reports and connections.

▶ Versatility Across Industries
Whether you're a marketer working in SaaS, B2B, B2C, eCommerce, or the mobile sector, SyncWith for Google Sheets™ has you covered. Our powerful Add-on seamlessly connects to your top marketing channels, facilitating automatic reports in Google Sheets™.

▶ Simplified Custom Reporting
Experience the magic of marketing connectors that establish and synchronize your reports on a set schedule, all without the need for coding. Once your metrics are placed in Google Sheets™, unleash the full potential of the platform—group, sort, filter data, apply formulas, create pivot tables, and generate helpful charts.

▶ Elevate Your Reporting
Let SyncWith for Google Sheets™ bring your data together into customized reports that reflect the unique needs of your business or your client. Harness the full power of Google Sheets™ to craft reports that stay up to date, and save you tons of time. 


▶ Data Integration & Reporting
Export and merge reporting from multiple business applications, saving valuable time and effort. Automate your reporting process by updating data to your desired destination on a set schedule. Create and save custom reports instantly, focusing on key metrics. Group, pivot, sort, and filter data at any level for detailed analysis. Generate separate reports for each account or combine data across multiple accounts.

▶ Customized Data Refresh
Set up custom schedules for automatic report refreshes based on your specific needs. Specify intervals such as monthly, daily, or hourly–up to 5-minute intervals!

▶ Visualizations & Dashboards
Utilize Google Sheets to create dynamic dashboards and detailed charts for showcasing campaign performance.

▶ Streamlined Data Sharing
Easily share data with stakeholders for streamlined collaboration. Invite team members to collaborate, edit, and access reports seamlessly. Share real-time, updated reports with clients directly through Google Sheets™.

▶ Report Management
Manage hundreds of reports across an unlimited number of spreadsheets. Pull data from multiple sources into a single sheet for comprehensive analysis. Refresh data on a set schedule with options for daily, hourly, and 5-minute intervals. Manually refresh all data within a report at any time.

▶ Enhanced Querying Features
Use cell references to easily pull spreadsheet values into report queries.
Accumulate a comprehensive historical dataset for in-depth analysis over time.

▶ Secure & Reliable
Connect securely to third-party sources via OAuth, ensuring data integrity and privacy.
Receive ongoing report monitoring and alerts to ensure consistency with third-party data.

▶ Familiar Interface
SyncWith's interface mirrors the fields, capabilities, and naming conventions of familiar third-party channels, so you can transition easily from sources like Facebook Ads Manager while leveraging the power of Google Sheets™.


1. Install the SyncWith for Google Sheets™ add-on
2. Connect a data source - Choose where to pull data from and access the account for the selected data source. Then select the specific information you want to bring into your Google Sheet™.
3. Choose a data destination - Choose where to import your data in your Google Sheet™.
4. Enable automatic updates - Select the desired frequency of automatic data refreshes, as often as every 5 minutes. Update the schedule anytime, or run a report manually to refresh data off its usual schedule.
5. Save settings and run report - Save your configurations and run your report. Connect your other top channels to build dynamic live dashboards.


- Synchronize reporting from your favorite channels with a Google Sheets™ spreadsheet and build custom reports.
- Create backup versions or accumulate records of your results over time in Google spreadsheets.
- Bring together data from different channels in a single master worksheet.


SyncWith is free to try! Explore SyncWith with 35 free data refreshes. Unlock additional features and experience SyncWith’s full power with a paid subscription.

▶ Free Tier
Enjoy 35 refreshes per month: pull data from one source daily, or multiple sources weekly.
The monthly quota resets for continuous usage. Reports expire after 35 refreshes.

▶ Paid Tiers
Unlock premium features and avoid limitations on connector usage.
Access refresh intervals as frequent as every five minutes. Enjoy up to unlimited reports and refreshes.


▶ Digital Marketing (PPC, ad networks and analytics)
Facebook Ads: Export ad metrics: clicks, impressions, conversion values.
Google Ads™: Pull data on ad performance for detailed analysis.
Google Analytics™ (GA4): Analyze audience demographics, event stats, revenue data.
Instagram Ads: Collect data on ad interactions: likes, shares.
LinkedIn Ads: Export professional network ad metrics for analysis.
Amazon Ads: Aggregate ad performance data for e-commerce insights.
Bing Ads/Microsoft Ads: Pull ad performance data across Microsoft's search network.
Pinterest Ads: Analyze ad metrics from visual discovery platform.
Quora Ads: Export data from Quora's ad platform for insights.
Snapchat Marketing: Aggregate data from Snapchat's campaigns.
TikTok Ads: Collect, analyze data from TikTok advertising.
Twitter Ads: Export ad performance metrics from Twitter's platform.
Facebook Public Data: Access, analyze public data on Facebook.
Google My Business™: Export data for local marketing.

▶ Ecommerce
Shopify: Pull Customer, Product, Order data for inventory, sales forecasting.
WooCommerce: Automate WooCommerce data export to spreadsheet.
Stripe: Export Stripe data to spreadsheet.

▶ Sales
HubSpot: Upload Deals, Contacts, Companies for custom sales dashboards.
Salesforce: Automate Salesforce data export to spreadsheet.
Pipedrive: Pull Deals, Persons, Organizations for sales dashboards.
Calendly: Export scheduling, meeting data for analysis.
Intercom: Pull customer interaction data for CRM.

▶ Social Media Marketing
Facebook Page Insights: Analyze engagement, performance metrics for pages.
Instagram Insights: Gather detailed insights on Instagram performance.
Instagram Public Data: Access, analyze public Instagram data.
LinkedIn Company Pages: Export data for business insights.
TikTok Organic: Analyze organic TikTok content performance.
Vimeo Public Data: Access public Vimeo data for content analysis.
X (Twitter) Organic: Pull data on organic Twitter content performance.
YouTube™ Data & YouTube™ Analytics: Export channel, video performance metrics for analysis.

Google Search Console™: Pull search performance data for website optimization.
Wordpress: Import site’s stats to Google Sheets for content strategy performance.
Search Console, SEMRush, SEOMoz, DataForSEO, Ahrefs: Build paid, organic search strategies.

▶ Finance & Accounting
QuickBooks: Upload accounting data for financial reporting.
Xero: Import accounting data, reports for reporting.

▶ Email Marketing
Mailchimp: Automate Mailchimp data export to spreadsheet.
Klaviyo: Export email marketing, customer data for analysis.

▶ Databases & Warehouses
BigQuery: Export, analyze large-scale data from Google's service.
PostgreSQL: Pull data from PostgreSQL databases for analysis.
RedShift: Integrate with Amazon RedShift for warehousing, analytics.
MySQL: Export data from MySQL databases for analysis.

▶ Files & Tables
Dropbox: Export, synchronize data for file management.
Google Drive™: Integrate with Google Drive™ for data storage, access.
Google Sheets™: Import, export data to, from Google Sheets™.
Microsoft Excel: Facilitate data transfer between Excel, data sources.
Tableau: Export data for advanced visualization, analysis.
OneDrive: Synchronize, manage data with Microsoft OneDrive.

▶ Project Management
Airtable: Export data for database management.
Asana: Pull task, project data for workflow analysis.
Jira: Integrate with Jira to export issue, project data.
Slack: Export message, activity data for communication analysis.
Trello: Pull data from Trello boards for project tracking.
Google Calendar™: Export event, calendar data for scheduling.


SyncWith uses OAuth to provide you with easy authorization to popular services. OAuth integrations are available for over 60 services, including YouTube™, Twitter Ads, BigQuery, and Google Analytics™ (GA4).


Online: Our team offers comprehensive online support to assist you with any questions or issues.
Tutorials: Access hundreds of online tutorials to guide you through various features and functionalities.
Custom Services: Additional professional services are available, tailored to help you build out your dashboards and analysis for complex use cases.
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Profile Picture
Jack Hodgins
May 12, 2024
The best free tool in the market for importing data from various platforms. Loved it!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of SyncWith
May 8, 2024
it is a great product, but it can be even great if you can edit the products from the sheet too
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
mcc beneo
June 11, 2024
Top free tool. Multiple platform support is very usefull.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Vikram Jayanand
November 21, 2023
very easy to use and delivers what it promises. Really useful in my opinion
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Jamie Nicholas
June 5, 2024
I love it!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Boris Gefter
January 9, 2024
I used to like this app, however, the support that I have been receiving lately has not been good. I have to escalate things to Alex. Plus they recently moved over to some new connector which makes it super slow and fails.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Steve Lionais
March 25, 2024
This is a great app. It's easy to configure and just works as you'd expect it to. It saves me tons of time with my monthly reporting.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
April 21, 2024
Loved it
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Monique Webster
May 16, 2024
Great tool
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Harald Stoll
August 22, 2023
Very useful, couldn't do my GA4 roll-up reporting without it. Ability to combine several reports into one google sheet is invaluable.
Is this review helpful?
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