Tabled Email Triage is a simple Gmail productivity add-on built for lawyers to create tasks from emails and then use the power of the Tabled platform to assign and manage the work efficiently.
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Tabled Email Triage is a simple Gmail productivity add-on built for lawyers and other professionals to intake work requests and tasks from emails and then use the power of the Tabled platform to assign and manage the work more efficiently.  Sign up to Tabled for free from within the Add-on to transform your operations and how you manage external advisors!

Use this Add-on to create tasks from emails within Gmail, then seamlessly use the Tabled platform to assign those tasks to a person in your team, add a deadline, connect to your document management system and unlock the data in your inbox.  Lawyers (in-house and legal service providers), accountants, compliance teams, and other professionals use Tabled to manage workflows and provide more efficient client service with data-driven results.  This Gmail Add-on is an easy entry point to the Tabled productivity platform.   Please try us out!

Manage your own or a shared inbox with the Tabled Gmail Add-on, intake work through the add-on then connect through the add-on to Tabled to triage, assign to the best person, track progress of the task and analyse aggregated data.  The end result is happy clients, deals closed faster and visibility of work for everyone across your organisation - and other organisations where you choose to share tasks!

Tabled helps you and your team unlock efficiency and profits by assigning tasks amongst your team and external advisors with one click and then tracking progress - reducing bottlenecks and keeping everyone on the same page to build better client relationships. 

Built for lawyers and other professionals as a matter management tool, the Tabled platform is secure and provides data about all the work in your team allowing you to take a more data driven and client centric approach to legal or compliance operations. Create a legal matter from an email and then easily assign that task to a member of your team or a law firm within the Tabled platform.  Then seamlessly connect to other services such as Google Docs and document storage and create reports to track KPIs.

Features of the Add-on

   • Intake emails and turn them into tasks
   • Save attachments and the email as a .eml file to the task in Tabled
   • File emails effectively to a backup system and record in Tabled cloud 
     platform hosted on AWS - or Google Drive if you use the integration.

Further Connected Features on the Tabled platform:

   • Triage tasks and determine the most important
   • Allocate tasks amongst your team
   • Alongside email intake through this Gmail Add-on, Intake work via custom 
     forms with any data field you choose
   • Outsource work to outside counsel
   • Save documents to Drive
   • Integrate notifications with Gmail and Slack
   • Aggregate data, export data CSV, track KPIs
   • Manage law firms and other legal service providers
   • Use the Tabled document repository, template delivery for clients, CRM 
     and connection to your law firms matter management systems
   • Manage legal quotes and fees for legal work

This tool is a great alternative to:

   • Asana
   • Trello
   • Jira
   • Wrike
   • Insightly
   • Yesware
   • Gmelius
   • Front
   • Sortd

For law firms, Tabled can work alongside Clio or other law firm management platforms to build closer relationships with clients.  Install us and get in touch to find out how.

Thanks for checking us out! We pride ourselves on great design and solving a real pain point for our users and will always respond to questions, support, and feature requests.

The platform and add-on are free for up to 3 team members and for larger professional teams the cost is £40+VAT for each team member.  See the terms and conditions below for full terms and conditions, details, and pricing.

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