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Adi Winata
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Tallyfy lets you launch approval workflows, tasks, any form-driven workflow or repeatable business process directly from a Gmail message
Tallyfy helps you run your operations on auto-pilot

You can document, launch and improve your playbooks, know-how, SOP’s and forms in one place. Tallyfy frees you from worrying about the details.

Use Tallyfy to launch any approval workflow or any repeatable process directly from Gmail.

There's so many awesome use cases in workflows such as - kicking off a new client process, onboarding a new employee, explaining a procedure or SOP or running any custom approval process.


If someone emails you some content that you want to save as an FAQ - save it to a Tallyfy snippet in just a few clicks!

If you want to look up some know-how while you are in Gmail, use Tallyfy to search and link to how-to's, SOP's, procedures, and workflows without leaving Gmail!
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sufal mitra
September 16, 2020
Dear sir, I have use for your server on tallyfy can you give a demo?
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