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Enables secure authentication with two-factor protection
With TeddyID for Google Apps, your employees can log in to their Google Apps with two-factor security. To log in, an employee needs to prove ownership of two devices associated with her account: a known computer and a known mobile phone.

Unlike other two-factor authentication methods, the security of TeddyID doesn't come at the cost of ease of use. There are no extra steps such as entering an OTP code, there is even no password to remember. Instead, the employee just selects her name, we send a randomly picked picture to her browser and to her phone (with free TeddyID app installed), the employee makes sure the pictures match, and taps "Yes" on her phone. That's all, login complete.

It is secure because there are two devices that an attacker has to compromise, it is easy to use because there are only buttons to click, it is reliable because there are no passwords to forget.

This app makes the necessary changes to your domain settings to enable login through TeddyID, so you don't have to make the changes manually.

The service costs just $0.99 per user per month after 1 month of free trial.
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