Teyvat Central Banking Systems is a tool to help store your spending for Genshin Impact, this uses feedback URL and HoYoLAB Token to extract all your logs
Listing updated:April 1, 2024
Works with:
You can only use API to extract your data, there is no manual import method.    By extracting the data, you are able to identify your spending behaviour for the game.

There are two methods that you can extract your logs:
Auto Import from miHoYo using feedback API, extracts:
- Primogems - earning and spending
- Genesis Crystals - earning and spending
- Resins - spending

How to use: Log into Genshin Impact, and generate the Feedback URL.

HoYoLAB Import using ltoken, extracts:
- Mora earning

How to use: Log into HoYoLAB, goto browser developer mode (F12) and look for cookies within the 'Application' tab for ltoken and ltuid

Sheets available:
- Dashboard Sheet
Navigation page to help manage your sheet, with a simple overview of your data
- Primogem Yearly Report
This sheet helps identify where all your Primogems are spent, it can tally all your:

•Welkin Moon daily
•Daily Commissions
•Treasure Chest Opened
•Quest and Events
•Collected ★★★ on Spiral Abyss
•Achievement Collected
•Battle Pass Primogems
•Genesis Crystal conversion to Primogems
- Crystal Yearly Report
This sheet is to help have an overview on your spending on Genshin Impact, and give you an idea which month has been the most expensive.

Able to track:
•Genesis Crystal Packs
•Welkin Moon Pass
•Shop spending, whether that is character skins or material bundles

- Resin Yearly Report
Due to how the data is retrieve from miHoYo, there is no way of finding out how you have earned your Resin. We can only map out your Resin spending, such as:
•Crafting Condensed Resin
•Forging Mystic Enhancement Ore
•Weekly Boss Battle
•Defeating Elite Bosses
- README Sheet
Instructions on how to use this Add-On, with translation in your chosen language. (If available)
- Changelog Sheet
Provide changes available from source document

Data Extract
All wish data are stored in their corresponding banner:
-          Primogem Log
-          Crystal Log
-          Resin Log
-          Mora Log
Language Support
Change language within Settings, and using Auto Import will extract your logs in your preferred language.
- English
- Chinese Simplified
- Chinese Traditional
- French
- German
- Indonesian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Spanish
- Thai
- Vietnamese
Additional information
PricingFree of charge
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