ThoughtSpot for Google Sheets™ lets anyone use search to create charts and visualizations from spreadsheet data.
Listing updated:July 28, 2023
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ThoughtSpot for Sheets is a Google Sheets Data Visualization tool that makes it easy to create visualizations and charts from your Google Sheets data. Say goodbye to VLOOKUPS.

The goal of ThoughtSpot for Google Sheets is to give every Google Sheets user the ability to search to create charts, graphs, tables, and data visualizations easily and make it FUN to explore your spreadsheet data.

ThoughtSpot for Sheets is FREE - for everyone.

Here’s what you can do with ThoughtSpot for Google Sheets:

⇨No data modeling is required 
⤏Upon launch, the app automatically reads, understands, and categorizes your data into different types (DATES, MEASURES, ATTRIBUTES) all in a friendly modal that sits right on top of your Sheet so it's easy to explore.

⇨Query your data with search
⤏To do this you can either use the search bar, or click the columns available to you on the left-hand side of the screen. You also have access to native keywords like [top], [bottom], as well as ways to freely and naturally express dates on the fly like [daily, weekly, last 2 weeks, etc]

⇨Drill anywhere
⤏Say goodbye to VLOOKUPS; ThoughtSpot for Google Sheets makes this easy. The search engine includes a powerful, but lightweight SQL engine under the hood to make it easy for the user to drill anywhere in the data.

Once ThoughtSpot for Google Sheets is launched and you begin your search query, simply right-click on any point for the chart you want to investigate. You'll then be prompted with a list of available data types you can drill by.

⇨Easy internal navigation
⤏Just like most of our browsers, Sheets often have many, many tabs. To help you switch from sheet to sheet without leaving the app, we’ve added navigation on the left-hand side…just click to navigate and choose the sheet you want for a new session.

The undo/redo buttons on the right-hand side of the screen works similar to your browser navigation. Now you'll never worry about losing your place or returning to an ah-ha moment you might have missed in your session.

⇨Pin to Slack, Google Sheets and Google Slides
⤏ For most of us, we want to instantly go into presentation-building mode. With Pin to Slack, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, you can easily save your charts and visualizations to a new presentation in an instant so you can share with clients, the next big board meeting, or collaborate with team members.
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