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John Wellesz
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Use time codes, frame numbers or EDLs in spreadsheets and apply operations onto them (frame conversion, offsets, match back, etc...)
Work with time codes and frame numbers with all the advantages offered by spreadsheets. 

This add-on allows you to do many conversion tasks pertaining to timecodes such as:

- Going back and forth between a timecode and its frame number representation.
- Converting timecodes between different frame rates.
- Import/Export an EDL in/from your spreadsheet.
- Get a summary of an EDL (edit length per sources, holes in record TC, format validations...).
- Use an EDL as a reference to compute match back and reverse match back timecodes with support for multiple tracks and sources.

NOTE: Any integer frame rates are supported, 23.976 support is experimental, 29.97 is currently not supported at all.
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