Translate text content in few Clicks in multiple languages and Compose Replies to your emails with translated text in seconds!
Listing updated:February 2, 2023
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Are you interested in quick translations and responding to email messages translated in local languages? Your wait is over now. Translate your text content and compose new email replies to your email messages in over 104 languages; including popular languages like Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, and Chinese Gmail™. There is no need to waste time translating using different services and copy-pasting the text content in multiple steps over into Gmail before responding to Emails in your mailbox.

How to be more productive by using Translate Pro Add-on for Gmail™ / Gsuite?

>>  If you regularly get emails from multiple regions in multiple languages. It’s a pain to always shift through tabs and get properly formatted translated text over to Gmail™ compose interface. Translate Pro Add-on allows you to translate text in few clicks from within the Gmail™ interface quickly. 

>> Translate Pro for Gmail also remembers your last-used translation language settings. So you don’t need to scroll through the list of languages to choose the last used settings again. It helps save you valuable productive time.

 >> Allows you to access the last ten recent translations to use these existing translated texts to compose new emails directly. 

>> The Add-on allows you to quickly compose a new mail message with the translated text content, making the process seamless and fast compared to shifting through multiple tabs in the browser for Translating text, Copying, and getting the text back into Gmail™ and formatting it correctly. 

>> Translate to and from 104 languages, including popular languages like Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, etc.

>> Translation supported to and from Double Byte character languages like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, etc.

Translate Pro Add-on for Gmail™ / Gsuite helps save you precious productive time daily and makes translating the text into multiple languages simple while responding to or writing to your international customers.

Go ahead, give it a try and find out why everyone loves this handy little tool and how it helps our users free up time for things that matter!
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Chris Jr Williams (ChrisJr4Eva87)
July 24, 2023
C x
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Robert M Potter
July 6, 2021
Translate Pro seems to have a problem with google translate. Google translate shuts down or keeps translate pro from becoming active. So I am paying for something that that refused to work. Need to fix that glitz
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Apu RayHan
August 21, 2021
Doesn’t work
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Neil Shadwell
April 21, 2021
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Samer Hosari
April 17, 2021
very useful
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Jesus Garcia
March 5, 2021
Hello my name is jesusGarcia
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