Schools across the world rely on Trelson Assessment for online exams. It is integrated with Google and will lock down any student device to prevent cheating.
Listing updated:February 13, 2024
Schools, Colleges and Universities across the world rely on Trelson Assessment to deliver online testing and transform the exam process into a digital process. Every year over 150.000 students take their tests online using Trelson Assessment and the numbers are growing rapidly. 

Trelson Assessment will lock down any student device to prevent cheating and only allow selected resources. The student will be blocked from searching for information and communicating with others.

The integration with Google for Education makes it easy for educational institutions to switch to online testing. By using Trelson Assessment, you will quickly be able to digitally assess your students. Teachers and students will be able to manage Trelson Assessment with little or no training.

At Trelson we have a strong focus on accessibility in order to give all students an equal opportunity. Assistive technology includes extended time, spell-check, text-to-speech, speech-to-text and dyslexia fonts etc.

From infrastructure and administration to design and user experience, Trelson Assessment is built on Google. If you use Google for Education - Trelson Assessment is the ultimate choice for online exams.

The teacher can easily add digital resources to the assignment. For example you can add any resource from Google Drive like a PDF, text, sound, images and video clips.You can also add videos from i.e Youtube. Trelson Assessment will automatically make sure that the student access settings are correct when you share a resource the students need during the test.

Trelson Assessment is available for Chrome OS, Windows, macOS, iPad and Android.
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