Move your data to and from Google Sheets™ in real-time. Connect Google Analytics™, Facebook Ads, Google Ads™, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more. Set up in minutes, no code required.
Listing updated:June 25, 2024
Works with:
Sync your data between Google Sheets™ and 40+ other apps and tools in real-time 

Set and forget to automatically sync data in and out of your Google Sheets™ with the following applications:

Airtable, Asana, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, ClickUp, Confluence, Eloqua, Facebook Ads, Favro, GitHub, Gitlab, Google Ads™, Google Analytics™, Google Calendar™, Google Contacts™, Google Forms™, HubSpot, Intercom, Jira, Jotform, Mailchimp, Marketo, MeisterTask, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook (Calendar and Contacts), Miro,, Notion, Pipedrive, PostgreSQL, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Slack, Smartsheet, Snowflake, Stripe, SurveyMonkey, Teamwork, Trello, Typeform, Wrike, Xero, Zendesk, Zoho Projects.

Set up in minutes, no coding required. Changes appear in real-time whenever rows are added or modified. Share up-to-date reports for stakeholders without copy-paste or CSVs.

Unito is SOC 2 Type 2 certified with strict security measures in place to ensure the protection of our customers’ data.

✦ Visit Unito:
- Help Center:
- Step-by-Step Guide:

✦ Why Unito Spreadsheet Sync?
- Eliminate data silos and cut down on copy-pasting data
- Set up and sync without technical expertise 
- Save the latest updates in every connected app automatically
- Keep your team aligned and able to operate more efficiently

✦ How to start syncing:

Unito Spreadsheet Sync keeps your data updated automatically when you create a flow between Google Sheets™ and another app. A flow represents the connection between your data that allows information to sync back and forth automatically and securely.

Signup for Unito at - it’s free - no credit card required!

In Google Sheets™:
Add a table header to your sheet with field names in every cell in your first row. This tells Spreadsheet Sync where to put your synced data.
Install and enable Spreadsheet Sync in every Google Sheets™ you plan on syncing. 
Click Extensions > Unito Spreadsheet Sync > Open Unito
Add 2 columns - this creates the columns Unito ID and Last Modified. Unito will only sync data between these columns.

In Unito:
Sign up for Unito
Connect your Google™ account and another app or tool.
Set a flow direction telling Unito where to send and sync data automatically.
Pick rules to filter specific data to or from your sheets.
Choose fields to keep continually in sync between Google Sheets™ and your other app.
Launch your flow and watch each spreadsheet column populate with data automatically.

✦Join 50,000+ users from across 5,000+ companies who rely on Unito to keep their data securely up-to-date with 2-way integrations. 

We ensure your data is always securely encrypted at all times. Unito maintains an “A+” rating on Qualys SSL labs tests. Data at rest is encrypted with AES 256 algorithms or better. Data in transit is encrypted with Transport Level Security (TLS) version 1.2.

- Visit Unito:
- Help Center:
- Step-by-Step Guide:

✦ Features
- Two-way syncing: Send information back and forth between apps without limitation. Changes in one tool appear in the other and vice-versa.
- Customizable rules: You decide what data to sync, where, and how, with absolute precision. Rules can be defined for almost any field, including tags, assignees, comments, custom fields, and more.
- Field Mapping: Restrict selected data to flow one-way, map multiple fields into a single path through a corresponding tool, and guarantee the information you want on-hand is always available in the right place.
- Custom field syncing: Work the way you want with the tools you already use. Regardless of how customized your SaaS is, Unito guarantees you'll never need to rely on inflexible templates again.

✦ Use Cases

Automated marketing reporting
- Forget importing CSVs, copy-pasting data, and manual updates. Automatically pull data from Google Analytics™, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads™ into Google Sheets™ in real-time. 

Project tracking and reporting
- Build and share reports that provide a snapshot of project status to identify risk areas, and view resource allocations, availability, and utilization.

Using spreadsheets to increase visibility 
- Send information to a spreadsheet so it gets better visibility across an organization and with external stakeholders

Project planning
- Plan tasks in a spreadsheet then sync them to a project. management tool or vice-versa.

MQL, SQL or PQL reporting
- Consolidate the volume, value, and velocity of leads all in one spreadsheet report, and bring data in from additional tools.

Spreadsheets as the main CRM or customer database
- Centralize all your contacts and their information in a spreadsheet tool instead of in a CRM.

Employee, applicant, and inventory record consolidation
- Keep employee, applicant, and inventory records up-to-date in multiple tools.

Using spreadsheets to do bulk changes in another tool
- Make changes to multiple tasks or tickets at once, for example the due date, label, or assignee. 
Software development 
- Coordinate development work in one place, even though the work happens in multiple code repositories/projects. 

Roadmap planning
- Build and share a dynamic roadmap or development plan with different stakeholders and keep it up-to-date with progress

Recommended if you like automation, integration, and data pipeline tools including, Supermetrics, Coefficient, Zapier, Mulesoft, Workato, and 

Add Unito Spreadsheet Sync to your workflow and get going with a free 14-day trial, no credit card required.
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