Verify email addresses quickly and accurately in Google Sheets™.
Listing updated:December 15, 2022
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Verifalia allows to verify email addresses directly in Google Sheets™, quickly and accurately: it helps increasing your deliverability rate as it gets rid of fake, invalid and temporary / disposable email 
addresses from your spreadsheets, one by one or in bulk. It highlights deliverable, undeliverable and risky emails and even provide with the exact nature of the eventual undeliverability (e.g. mailbox over quota, SMTP connection failure, etc.).

The email verification process happens in real-time through Verifalia, a company serving over 35,000 customers worldwide since 2005.


• fast and accurate real-time email verification, directly in Google Sheets™;
• the entire process happens without sending emails or notifying the targets;
• provides an easy classification for each email: Deliverable, Undeliverable, Risky and Unknown;
• provides the exact undeliverability reason - e.g. mailbox over quota, SMTP connection failure, etc.;
• supports *all* mail providers, including GMail, Yahoo and Hotmail;
• allows to detect and mark / remove duplicated emails;
• allows a choice of three different email verification algorithms, so as to balance the quality of results and processing speed;
• highest privacy - your data is never shared and is automatically removed from our system according to an adjustable data retention configuration.

Read more about our features here:
Verifalia is also integrated into other 4,000 tools and APIs; to learn more, please see


Verifalia offers a Free plan which includes 25 free email verifications per day!
To verify more than that, it is possible to buy one of our credit packs - which offer great volume discounts - or upgrade the account to a higher plan.

Our complete pricing is available here:


This Google Sheets™ add-on requires a Verifalia account to work properly.
If you don't have one, you can register your Free account here:

Once installed, the add-on can be started through the Extensions -> Verifalia menu, in Google Sheets™.


Are you a software developer who would like to verify email addresses in their apps?
If so, you really can't miss our secure email verification API, which also comes with free and open source SDKs for major software development platforms which make integrating with our API a one-liner, including:

- .NET
- Javascript (Node.js and the browser)
- Java
- Ruby
- Go

Check out our developers documentation here:


Please reach us at:
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Scott Jovane
December 15, 2022
I've been looking for an email validator like this for years: I've tried everything else, but this one has by far the most features and is perfectly integrated with Google Sheets. In addition, the quality of the e-mail verification results is great -- and I really appreciate the ability to download my results even through their website if needed (which allows me to manage my account, adjust the data retention policy, and other technical aspects that I haven't had time to look into).
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Alex Blowem
November 29, 2022
Love this tool. We had a large list of contacts that needed to be clean in a short period of time - thousands of emails were validated very quickly from within Google Sheets and the quality of the clean up was very good.
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