Send personalized emails from a Google Sheet. A simpler, smarter way to mail merge.
Listing updated:April 25, 2022
📝 Quick how-to
Add your contacts to a Google Sheet.
Log in to Vero and create a new Newsletter campaign.
Select your Google Sheet to load your audience.
Design your email content using our drag-and-drop editor or choose a design from our template library.
Preview and send your messages!

 🔑 Key features
Load audiences directly from your Google Sheets, instantly.
Design beautiful email campaigns using our visual, drag-and-drop editor.
Personalize every email you send, at scale.
Track opens and clicks with real-time campaign results 
Configure one or many domains to send from, giving you total control over your deliverability.

🤑 Pricing
Send up to 20,000 emails per month absolutely free, then pay per message sent — starting at USD$0.0013 per message (USD$1.30 per thousand messages). 
See our full pricing here:

👩‍💻 Use cases

For businesses:
Events. Invite people to, or follow up with attendees of, webinars, conferences and trade fairs, digital or physical events.
Surveys. Email employees, customers or, users surveys from Google Forms, Typeform or elsewhere. Follow up with Google Form respondents directly from Google Sheets.
Promotions and discounts. Send email newsletters to your customers promoting new products, discounts, and special offers.
Blog updates. Send your database new blog posts and keep them in the loop.
Product updates. Keep your users updated with product and feature announcements. 
PR campaigns. Send PR campaigns to journalists, bloggers, and influencers to promote your business.
Not-for-profits. Reach out to donors and share the latest news and campaigns.

For everyone:
Personal greetings. Send personalized holiday greetings for Christmas, New Year, and other holidays to friends and family.
Apply for jobs. Apply for many jobs at once with personalized messages to HR teams and recruiters.
Say thanks. Send personalized thank-you notes to friends, family, colleagues, recruiters or anyone!
Send invitations. Invite friends, family or anyone to life events, holidays or other gatherings.

🎨 Composing features
Design beautiful, professional-looking email designs using our easy-to-use visual drag-and-drop editor or choose a design from our template library.
Use our rich text editor to send simple text-based messages that have a more personal feel to 10s, 100s or 1,000s of people at once.
Personalize the subject line and preheader for each campaign.
Insert dynamic data about your recipients (like their first name) to personalize your email content using a simple templating language (known as the Liquid templating language).
Customize your campaigns with links, images and attachments
Full access to email HTML means you can customize the content, look and feel of your email
All emails are fully responsive supporting the widest range of email clients and desktop and mobile devices.

📤 Sending features
Let us handle email deliverability for you or configure your own sending domain — e.g. — and send emails that are on-brand.
Configure dedicated IPs or multiple sending domains to maintain better control over your email deliverability and brand.
Configure your “from address” for each message campaign.
Send directly from Vero or integrate with your own Sendgrid, Mailgun or Mailjet accounts.

📊 Tracking features
Automatically track unsubscribes between campaigns so you never email the wrong recipient twice.
Get aggregate reports on the success of every message you send using Vero, tracking sends, deliveries, opens and clicks.
View and search detailed delivery, open and click logs for each recipient.

👩‍💻 Privacy
Vero can only be used to message recipients who have consented to be emailed by you. We take your data privacy, and that of your recipients very seriously. 

Your data lives and remains in your Google Sheets. Vero only loads data when required to complete a message send. Access to your audience data is “forgotten” once a send has been completed. Vero only keeps track of email addresses and their subscribe status, along with those recipients’ email interactions, to enable smooth reporting of campaign results and protect your recipients’ rights to unsubscribe.
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