Discover, manage, optimize and secure all SaaS usage from one platform!
Listing updated:February 22, 2024
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Our SaaS Management tool enables you to discover, manage, optimise and secure all SaaS spend in one platform. 

We believe employees should be able to work remote, be agile, move fast and in turn become more productive and innovative. In a digital economy cloud software is the operational foundation to make that vision come true and at we are proud to contribute by making SaaS usage more transparent, manageable and secure. Our cloud-based software enable companies to stay on top of this transformation and as SaaS adoption continues to rise, will be with you building the next generation platform to manage and optimise the lifecycle of your SaaS stack. 

Optimize your SaaS stack with Oveo

Our intelligent platform makes it easy to discover, manage, optimise, secure and scale SaaS utilisation across the organisation.
With our 360˚ overview of all interactions between employees and SaaS tools, companies are now for the first time enabled to optimise their entire SaaS stack in real time and at scale.

Empower your team
Eliminate bottlenecks and enables your team to move fast.

As companies are moving towards a more decentralised ownership of software, many organisations find it hard to keep track of stakeholders and owners – and equally hard to stay on top of budget allocations between teams.

Monitor SaaS spend
Budget, cash flow, overspending, forecast. Key terms in any organization.
•	Do you need support while creating your SaaS budgets?
•	Do you want to understand your cash flow and have data on your side?
•	Have you think about a clear and comprehensive overview of SaaS apps that are used throughout your organisation?
•	Do you want to see in advance, when your contracts are coming up for renewal?
Oveo enables you to understand interactions between SaaS vendors and your company and map them against actual spend, providing you with a 360 view of spend and usage across your organisation. As Oveo integrates seamlessly with your accounting solution, you can map all your SaaS spend. When correlating spend with usage, Oveo can provide recommendations towards which tools you are not utilizing, which, in turn, would lead to reduced spend.

Optimize SaaS usage
Apps, licences and IT shadow. Your everyday struggle.

•	How many apps do you really work with?
•	Would you like to have insights about who is using which tools?
•	Are you looking for recommendations on how to optimize your SaaS usage?
•	Can you imagine having full transparency enabling you to manage your SaaS ecosystem?
Oveo provides full transparency of SaaS usage across your organisation. With detailed insight across organisational structure, you will be able to understand which SaaS vendors your employees are engaged with, which can help you to detect shadow IT

With an organisational view on SaaS usage, you will get a real insight enabling you to manage access and reduce SaaS redundancy, meanwhile, supporting innovation and flexibility within a space that is undergoing constant change.

Strengthen compliance
Data and privacy. The most sensitive parts of your company’s digital life.

•	Do you need help with managing SaaS compliance?
•	Would you like to be always on top with any compliance requests?
•	Are your SaaS vendors GDPR compliant?
•	Would you like to know, where your company´s data are spread out?
Oveo provides you with access to insights on potential compliance threats and recommendations on how to manage compliance across a flexible SaaS ecosystem. Oveo provides automated monitoring, detecting trends within your organisation.

GDPR compliance is a key challenge especially when managing data. Oveo can help you understand where SaaS vendors are storing data and how this may affect you. With easy access to each vendor’s compliance documentation, Oveo is key to building a fully GDPR compliant SaaS operation.

Automate workflows
Everyone in the company is affected by SaaS. Get rid of manual tasks and switch to automation, that helps streamline your teams’ digital life.

•	Do you want to have an opportunity to see who is using what and where money is being spend?
•	Are you looking for help with simplifying on-boarding and off-boarding processes?
•	Do you need to be sure, that all apps, accesses and responsibilities are distributed to the right people?
•	Can you imagine your company´s workflow to be less time and money consuming, and error-prone free?
Oveo helps you to simplify collaboration and data process management across the entire organisation. Oveo enables you to liberate all of your departments from the burden of manual processes. From HR to finance, from IT to marketing. Oveo supports your teams to reduce paperwork and risks of administrative errors, improves workflow visibility and enables your teammates to collaborate in multiple locations, delivers you insightful reports and analysis on ongoing processes.
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